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Rock Island——The Original Ecology Of Thailand

Rock island is a pristine island in Thailand. In order to protect the environment, rock island is only open for half a year in the peak tourist season. Rock island is located in the andaman sea. Suitable for those who are interested in snorkeling and pristine islands, and prefer a quiet retreat.


Rock island is said to have seven colors of water, from dark blue, blue, green, light green and white gradual transition, the clear layers, known as the andaman sea “blue tears”, comparable to the Caribbean sea blue, stunning beauty, although the island requires a speedboat ride in the sea for two hours, but worth the money.


Rock island area is not very large, early in the morning, riding a motorcycle around the island, you can overview the island scenery, breathing the fresh air with the salty sea, see the wake up in the dawn of the island is also a very good experience.


Rock island is rich in vegetation and is a natural tropical botanical garden. The morning around the island is the best, the air is good, some of the road is in the sea, you can enjoy the rock island hazy early morning, the sky is a strip of clouds, the island is particularly quiet, everything is just like waking up, you can enjoy the island’s wonderful moment. Road view, photo safety first. Swimming and snorkeling on rock island is the most enjoyable thing. The clear water and colorful fish will surprise you from time to time.


Because it is so well protected, the water is so pure, and there are so many kinds of coral and fish, the underwater world here is like a dream. Here you can see the crystal clear water, abundant underwater life, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, starfish, staghorn coral, a variety of colorful tropical fish.

There are no hotels on rock island, only tents for rent, which can be booked in advance for the night, and little else. If you stay there overnight, food and drink should be prepared at the departure point in advance. And rock island, like the smilian islands, is open only for six months (mid-to-late October to early may).

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