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Recommended For Famous Tourist Attractions In Singapore

Singapore is known as the “Garden City” in Southeast Asia. What are the recommended tourist attractions?



1.Universal Studios Singapore

The first Universal Studios in Southeast Asia, visit the film special effects studio and enjoy the movie DreamWorks. Universal Studios Singapore is located within Resorts World Sentosa, and most of its attractions are tailor-made for Singapore. In addition to the thrilling theme park entertainment facilities, the visitors also have a collection of unique gift shops and restaurants, which is suitable for the whole family to play together.

2.Marina Bay
Singapore’s famous Marina Bay is a great place to visit the city’s most spectacular attractions. With the rapid development of this metropolitan country, the entire Marina Bay area has undergone an epic level of change. The $5.5 billion Marina Bay Sands complex is the focal point of the bay, and many of the great things in the area revolve around this epic building and resort, such as science museums, casinos and a variety of shopping, dining and entertainment venues. . Arrive at Marina Bay around 20:00 and enjoy spectacular light shows, water and several iconic landmarks you might see on your postcard.


3.Clarke Quay
This delightful riverside is filled with bustling bars and restaurants, boutiques and nightclubs that attract emerging visitors alongside Singaporean party animals. The location of Clarke Quay makes full use of the picturesque waters of the city’s main rivers, and the open-air restaurant is located on the edge of the endless restaurant. With a jelly-like roof, you’ll find some great shopping options as well as ample bar supplies to make this real bar activist a paradise.

4.Gardens by the Bay
Once you have seen this beautifully designed green space (perhaps from the top of Marina Bay Sands), you will not be able to leave. Stroll through the Bay East Garden and enjoy the vibrant plant life, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Then, head to the Cloud Forest Dome to see the world’s tallest indoor waterfall and learn about biodiversity, which is a good choice.


5.Singapore Zoo
As the world’s finest rainforest zoo, the Singapore Zoo is a very impressive place. The facility is clean and welcoming. Orangutans are particularly impressive. Guests can observe the feeding of some animals. Allow at least three hours to walk around the zoo week. If the zoo can’t meet your needs for wildlife, there is a night safari, a river safari (including a giant panda forest) and a bird park.

6.Double Helix Bridge The world’s first double helix footbridge, people realize the meaning of “life and continuity, renewal and growth”. It is the world’s first double helix footbridge, which was adopted on April 24, 2010. Inspired by the DNA structure, the designer wants to embody the meaning of “life and continuity, renewal and growth.” Duplex stainless steel 2205 has many advantages: in Singapore’s hot and humid maritime climate, this high-corrosion duplex stainless steel grade ensures low maintenance and aesthetics during its at least 100 years of bridge design life.


7.Barra Bay Beach There is a suspension bridge that connects the small island across the Bala Bay and overlooks the beautiful South China Sea. Bara Bay Beach has a number of snack bars, boutiques and beach bars with wireless internet, perfect for families. The most fascinating attraction on Barra Bay Beach is the suspension bridge that connects the small islands across the Bala Bay. The other end of the suspension bridge is the southern end of Asia and is also close to the equator in Asia. Stepping through the suspension bridge to the southern tip of Asia, you can look out over the beautiful South China Sea.

8.Singapore Museum of Art and Science
Like a blooming lotus flower, it is an ideal place for a large international roving exhibition of the world’s most famous collections. Located in Marina Bay Sands, the Museum of Art and Science is designed by internationally renowned architect Moshe Safdie with an exhibition area of 60,000 square meters. It is the world’s first museum of art science combined with a strange shape and ten A “finger” structure, like a blooming lotus flower blooming in the water, is called “Singapore welcome hand.”

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