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Recommended By Thai Minority Scenic Spots-Pink Museum

The Pink Museum, in fact, is called the “Trinity Elephant Museum” the Erawan Museum, built by a wealthy Thai businessman at a cost of tens of millions of yuan, the largest in Asia, a collection of traditional handicrafts, in relief, color and artistic sense is very luxurious, full of tension.


The Trinity Statue Museum weighs 250 tons and is about 16 stories high. The statue of the three heads is carved from pure copper. The Trinity is the elephant god in the Thai folklore. Because the elephant god is the riding of a god in Brahmanism, the elephant is vast, and no matter what demon and ghost is his opponent.

Thereundefineds nothing else in the attic. Oh, my God! Through elevators in elephant legs, or rotating escalators, lead to the attic museum in the belly of elephants to explore the mysteries of Thai elephant culture. The attic is like a full of stars, very sacred and solemn, so carefully browse, and do not take pictures to commemorate, waiting for you to find out for yourself.


The courtyard around the park is also very fastidious. A circle of elephants revolves around, and every time they walk below, the elephant senses a cry, and you can see a detailed introduction. Stream, jungle highlights fresh and mysterious colors.

The stairs on both sides lead to the balcony of heaven. After walking up a spiral staircase, you can go to the belly of the three statues. The Buddha statues can not be taken pictures, and the color of the domes is also very beautiful. You can take your own pictures and remember, so donundefinedt take pictures. At that time, there were some local middle school students copying murals here.


Because the museum was full of sherry, asked to wear knee and sleeved clothes, specially chose this dignified dress, take a picture of a more holy sense of sanctity.

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