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Provence – The Home Of Lavender

Everyone should have heard of Provence?

In my impression, it is a romantic place.


Provence, located in the southeast of France, is a home to the blue coast of the Mediterranean, the home of lavender.Referring to the Provence region of France, the first thing that may appear in the minds of today’s fashionable and romantic Chinese is the lavender that represents sweet love. In fact, not only in Provence, but also in the green belts of many cities in France, people can always see purple lavenders swaying in the wind. The aroma of Provence can’t be summed up with only purple lavender, because there are so many things that make the sense of smell happy.The flower field of the Sault Abbey in Luberon is the most famous lavender ornamental area in the region. It is also the background of the book “The Year of Provence”, which is known as one of the most beautiful valleys in France. There is a 12th-century monastery on the hill. There is a large lavender field in front of the Senanque monastery. It is planted by the monks in the courtyard and has different colors of lavender.


Many people commonly use three kinds of food to represent the cooking characteristics of Provence: olive oil, garlic and tomatoes. Walking in Provence, it is almost all green olive trees. This place can be said to be the main town of French olive oil production. It not only creates a unique natural landscape, but also provides the oil necessary for the nutrition of the residents. Olives also go into every kitchen, and the tapade is the best example.


In addition, you can’t miss the red wine there.To this day, “Anise” is one of the most popular aperitifs in France. “Fennel” is often used in delicious fish, shellfish, pork and chicken dishes. In addition, the added pigment and caramel can enhance the mouthfeel but the main characteristic in the drink is still the taste of “pimpin”. Today, in France, ouzo is still the most consumed liqueur.

Provence is a poem of love, and no one can live here without being moved.

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