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Practical Travel Photography Tips

For those who are traveling now, taking pictures has become an indispensable step, especially for today’s girls, it would be a pleasure to take a beautiful photo.

Next, I will introduce some tips for taking pictures.


Tip 1: Photographing scene

Speaking of shooting scenes, that is, where to shoot is very important, when your skills are not very good, try to pick some of the better places in the travel process, such as good riverside, classical street, atmospheric architecture, etc.


Tip 2: Skillfully use the foreground

Reasonable application prospects, can be made with plants, curtains, etc., can enhance the spatial sense of the picture, but also increase the perspective of the picture! Many times you can take beautiful materials on the spot.


Tip 3: Shoot a close shot

If a girl takes a picture, she can take some close-up shots. It is a photo taken above the chest. You stand in front of the camera, let the photographer find the opportunity to take a few more close-up photos of yourself.


Tip 4: Panoramic Shooting

There are definitely a lot of big scenes to look at, so if you want to integrate yourself, take a panoramic photo, including photos of you and the scenery, you can be the most beautiful theme.

Tip 5: Vision shot

The vision, which is often said to be a small person, mainly highlights the scenery, and then you are beautiful, minutes is the feeling of the magazine cover.


Tip 6: Take a photo on the side

Every girl has a side that is very nice. It may be left or right. Let the photographer shoot your best looking side. If it’s a little sunny, it’s better, and it’s more artistic and beautiful.

Tip 7: Covering the face

When you don’t dare to leak your face when you take a picture, use a prop to cover it. You can use a bunch of flowers and a piece of food to eat. It is small and cute and naughty.u=170456907,3849945640&fm=26&gp=0.jpg



Tip 8: Look back and smile

During the trip, there is always a moment of turning and super beautiful, and it can best express a very romantic and beautiful mood. You can naturally walk back inadvertently, or you can run back and suddenly let the photographer capture.

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