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Phuket Blue Tree — Asia’s Largest Water Park

The much-anticipated Blue Tree Phuket water park has already attracted many locals and tourists, even though it is only a soft opening.

In fact, Phuket has some water parks, but they are smaller and less entertaining. The birth of Blue Tree Phuket will soon become the largest amusement park in Thailand and the next web celebrity landmark of Phuket.


Located in the northwest of phuket island, blue tree water park is surrounded by lush tropical forests. Covering an area of 225,000 square meters, the size of 30 football fields, the water park cost 248 million yuan to build and is centered on a 17,000 square meter blue tree lagoon. The park is divided into a variety of adventure enthusiasts play area: in 10 meters of high altitude water slide, jump down, into the cool and comfortable water; Spin corners, splash zones, water surfing, cable rides and more are just enough to get your adrenaline pumping. It’s also a good place for families to come. Shallow water area also specially designed for you intimate, so that the size of friends can play. There is no need to worry about safety. The park is equipped with professional lifeguards and emergency rooms.


Water park is enough for a whole day. Get tired and enjoy the holiday by ordering an iced drink at the restaurant and bar on the shore and lying in a comfortable viewing chair. The park also designed a lot of creative restaurants, a variety of street drinks and food, in addition to water park, here more like a “small night market”, fun and easy to shoot, to meet all your requirements. After nightfall, an island party with super high atmosphere will be held soon, and there will be professional live show to take you to the sky, tianshui paradise in the daytime, and the concert in the evening. One ticket can satisfy you in two ways of playing!

If you like water park, don’t miss it!

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