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Peggy’s Cove, Canada — An Elegant Arctic Fishing Village

Peggy’s Cove, a small village near halifax, Canada, has elegant arctic fishing village views. This is a small fishing village with only over 100 people living in it, quiet and quiet, without any noise. This little fishing village is famous for having the smallest lighthouse in the world and the only lighthouse post office in Canada.


Peggy’s Cove is located in halifax, the most southeast part of Canada, which is known as the “shangri-la” of Canada. Surrounded by the sea on three sides, the sea breeze from the Atlantic ocean is mild and moist. Also voted as one of the world’s ten most beautiful places.

Halifax is also the closest city to where the Titanic sank, and is commemorated every year on Titanic sinking day.

Peggy’s Cove, 43 kilometres from halifax, was first spotted by a photographer who won a prize in a photography competition.


Legend has it that in 1800, a sailing ship from England was wrecked and sank near here. All the crew and passengers on board were killed, but a young lady was washed ashore and rescued by fishermen. She lost her memory and forgot her name. The local villagers affectionately called her Peggy, and the young girl was so charming that she married a local man and settled down in the small fishing village. This small fishing village is also known as Peggy’s cove. Another theory about the name of this fishing village is that Peggy’s Cove is located in Saint Margaret’s Bay, and Peggy is the nickname for Margaret.


It is said that the earliest lighthouse here was built in 1868. It was made of wood and housed a lighthouse keeper who used kerosene lamps and mirrors to guide ships at sea at night. The current reinforced concrete structure was built in 1914 and used as a radio station for the royal Canadian navy during world war ii. The lighthouse is also the only one in North America with a post office. Inside is one of the oldest post offices in Canada. Until 2009, postcards could be sent here every summer, and the stamps and postmarks were iconic lighthouse signs.


The huge rocks along the coast, carved during the ice age 20, 000 years ago, are spectacular in their undulations, the waves rolling towards the shore in sheets of water. The water on the shore can become very big sometimes, the little friend that comes here must pay attention to safety. In addition to the lighthouse, the fishing village itself is also a must see scenery, this ancient fishing village still maintains an unsophisticated way of life. Come here, unconsciously will lower the volume, for fear of disturbing the quiet here.

The landmark of Peggy’s bay is the classic red-roofed, white-hulled lighthouse that stands on the bare rocks of the shore. The white waves rolled, the seagulls flew, the great rocks on the shore were a little wild and a little wild, the distant cottages were dotted, and everything was beautiful in its raw beauty. No matter from which direction, lighthouse, village, fishing boat, sea, rock, all are scenery.

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