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One Of The Most Beautiful Bridges In The World — Kedo Bridge In Japan

Completed in 2000, it is the longest outlying island bridge in honshu at 1,780 meters, second only to Okinawa’s guyuli bridge (1,960 meters). Before the completion of the cape island bridge, the residents of cape island could only travel to honshu by boat, and the cape island bridge became the only road connecting cape island and honshu.


On the blue sea, there is a straight bridge. The picture is praised as a unique scenery that must be visited before death. The beauty is beyond comparison.


The cape island bridge deliberately lowers the height of its piers so as not to ruin the landscape. An infinite bridge stretches across the sea without any visual obtrusion. The blue sea, the white of the spray, the blue of the sky, the green of the plants, and the shallow coffee of the beach along the coast, make up a picture of nature.


The building on the shore is “west changmen resort”, which is the only coastal resort where you can enjoy the cape island bridge in close proximity. Most of the rooms are sea-view rooms, which is also one of the choices for Japanese people to have a rest on vacation. At the other end of the bridge is cape island, an island of about 900 inhabitants, which makes getting to honshu easier than ever.

Cape island bridge is a popular scenic spot, where you can spend the summer with the nearby bathing beach.

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