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On The Street Art Tour, See The Great Graffiti Art

Street art is not art itself. It is a tool that represents a country’s political, social and cultural themes. It also has powerful healing power because it brings a brighter look to the destroyed building.Let’s take a look at some of the most famous street art.


1. Lisbon, Portugal. You can find many extraordinary works of art in Lisbon. Although Lisbon established murals before 2010, it was not until 2010 that street art in Lisbon attracted international attention, thanks to the Crono project. According to the project, local and international artists are encouraged to leave their mark on the old buildings of the city. Among these international artists, Brazilian artist Os Gemeos turned his deteriorating architecture into his extraordinary work of art.

2. Reykjavik, Iceland. Iceland warmly welcomes graffiti art. Local artists are encouraged to let their creativity fly high on the outdoor wall. Therefore, it is very easy to capture great murals on the road around Iceland. It is highly recommended that you take a walk through Reykjavik and watch the various street art of many artists. Most of the artwork is inspired by Scandinavian singers, and only a few works of art involve some Western big names such as Warpaint or Mercury Rev.

3. Sao Paulo, Brazil. Sao Paulo is one of the best street art in Brazil. Brazil’s loose laws on street art have enabled local and international street artists to turn buildings into mosaics, provided they have permission from the owner. One of the best places to enjoy excellent graffiti art in Brazil is the city of São Paulo, where there are constantly changing paintings. When you visit the city, it’s hard to find a corner of a street art scene without happiness. To get the most out of the city, head to Vila Madalena* or better known as Batman’s Alley. Here, you will be lost in countless street art.


4. Melbourne, Australia. You can find all the different types of street art in Melbourne. As the “World Steel Network Capital”, and held the first International Mould Festival in 2004, Melbourne was enveloped by street art. You will find all the different types of street art in Australia’s second largest city.

5. London, United Kingdom. London is the birthplace of many big street artists. London is where many big street artists are born and grown. Among these artists, Banksy is arguably the most famous name. He has left his mark on the entire Lectra Street, and since 2008, due to his excellent street art, the street has become an approved street art venue. Other must-sees of London’s greatest murals include Brick Lane, Shoreditch and Brixton.



6. France Angloulême. Worth a visit is the comic art on the wall of Algloulême, France. Although this town is not included in the list of top destinations in France, it is worth taking the time to explore the comic art on the walls of Angouleme. Angouleme has a European Academy of Visual Arts and offers a degree in comic art. Local buildings are where many artists display their work, so you don’t have to go indoors to enjoy their comics.

7. Belfast, Northern Ireland. The Peace Wall has some important political moments and struggles, and you can find hundreds of murals in Belfast. For the best street art experience, head to the 12-meter-long, 12-meter-high Peace Wall. Pease Wall shows some important political moments and struggles in the history of Northern Ireland.


8. Berlin, Germany. There are more than 100 well-preserved street art on the Berlin Wall. On the internationally renowned wall – the Berlin Wall tells the German communist era – there are more than 100 well-preserved street art. In addition to the Berlin Wall, there are many street art spaces throughout the city, such as El Bocho, East Side Gallery, Kreuzberg and Mitte.

9. Christchurch, New Zealand. Buff Monster’s work is the first mural in the regeneration project. Buff Monster’s work is the first mural in the project. The regeneration of buildings and street art has caught the attention of the city and its people. It demonstrates the power of street art to heal the soul in difficult times.


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