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Nha Trang Tourist Guide – 8 Must-See Places

1.Nha zhuang has 6 kilometers of free open beach, the water is very clear, green is also good everywhere coconut trees and green plants are cut into various shapes, the beach side is a busy street lined with high-end hotels. It’s only a street from the hotel to the beach. Every morning, many people come to nha trang beach for morning exercise, running and breathing the freshest air. In the evening, there are many people walking. There are many deck chairs on the beach. You can also swim in the following water or play beach volleyball. In the evening, you can also sit in some coffee shops on the beach. Some coffee requires entrance fee, and you can also have barbecue on the beach. There are many Vietnamese mothers selling lobster on the beach.


2.The largest island in nha trang, facing the city of nha trang across the sea. To get to pearl island, which is the world’s longest cable car ride, it is called Vietnam’s “Disney” and Asia’s largest water park. There are six star hotels and entertainment facilities on the island. Lazy pool, skyslide, aquarium, underwater museum, handbrake roller coaster, business street, food village, beach, etc. Whether you are enjoying crazy travel or quiet vacation, you can meet different feelings here! Especially with children to travel, here is a child’s paradise.


3.Po Nagar Cham Towers was a Hindu building built in the 7th and 12th centuries. The architecture is a bit like Angkor Wat, but on a much smaller scale and with less detailed carvings. Bana is transliteration, also translated as tianyi female temple, where worship is tianyi goddess Po Nagar, tianyi goddess is the south of the kingdom of champa, protecting the life of fishermen in the seaside, equivalent to Chinese fishermen mazu. The visitors are not only Vietnamese, but also local Chinese. Don’t forget to take off your shoes when you come in. From the top of the hill, you can see the blue beach of nha trang.


4.Nha trang church it was built in 1927, lasted five years, built by French colonists! Walking into the church, you can see the beautiful skylight glass with the bible story. Nha trang cathedral is built on a hillside, with stone statues of many biblical figures on one side, and an old man working in the sun. The whole church is in gothic style, the stone carvings are very meticulous and retro, the people in the church are praying and taking pictures reverently or quietly, you can come here and do nothing, relax and calm down.


5. Zhongyu stone headland in nha trang, Vietnam, known as the five-finger rock by tourists, is an island famous for the French film “love”. Therefore, there are also many people called lovers rock. When the tide goes out, you can take pictures on the rocks that left dinosaur tracks, and there are a lot of huge granites in the sea. The natural scenery here is also the most natural existence of nha trang!


6.Bach falls is a great place to go for a swim or a rock climb.


7. Nizhuang 100 egg slime bath is about 10 kilometers away from nizhuang city. The air here is fresh, surrounded by mountains, shaded by trees, natural mineral mud baths and unique architectural Spaces! Each eggshell-shaped mud bath of different sizes is scattered on the hillside. Egg-shaped pools have larger bathrooms for 2-3 people, 3-4 people and more than 5 people. You can select the appropriate tub and mud for the number of people in the row. The skin is noticeably smoother after the mud bath, and there are surf springs and pools where you can enjoy half the day.


8.Fold mountain island is the most beautiful sea, the fishermen here have a simple and cheap seafood, understand very little to the people here, where is free and open, as if an unknown island, to the surprise of this is the air here is very good, and the water is not polluted, so it was very clear, while also advise you to look at before has not been fully developed.


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