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Nha Trang – The Legendary Little France

Located in Khanh Hoa province in the coastal area of central Vietnam, Nha Trang is one of the more secluded seaside cities in Vietnam.


The beach stretches for a few miles, the sand is white, delicate, and the sea is clear, perfect for swimming in the sea bath and sunbathing. Visitors can take a boat out to sea, watch the scenery and folk customs along the way, and enjoy the mud bath in the hot spring.

There are some spots in the island.

1.Nha Trang Waterfront

Located on the shore of the South China Sea, there is a good bathing beach. It is a great place for swimming, water sports and diving.


2.Chongluo Scenic Area

This is the best place in Nha Trang scenery. It is surrounded by mountains and seas and lush forests. There are also attractions such as Longshan Temple, Bao Dahuang Villa, Aquarium, and GM DOC LET.

3.Po Nagar Cham Tower

Built between the 7th and 12th centuries, it is a Hindu religious building located 2 km north of Nha Trang, on the left bank of SongCai. Looking down from the hill, you can enjoy the view of the blue harbor.


4.Beauty Bay

Here is a place where you don’t want to leave when you go there. There are no blue waters and silver beaches. It takes about 1 hour drive from downtown Nha Trang. After arriving, you can play in the clear sea. You can paddle a canoe in the sea. (Free, please wear a life jacket.) Take a free walk on the white sand beach or at the beach. Swim in the swimming pool or lie on the beach chairs, squint, sea breeze, and enjoy a romantic holiday.


5.Nha Trang Fishery

The waters around Nha Trang are famous fisheries in Vietnam, where you can fish for up to 250 days a year. The famous Vietnam Ocean Research Institute is also located in Nha Trang, which houses more than 60,000 samples of seafood. More than 200 species of rare fish in the Nha Trang waters are stocked in Zhiyuan Lake on Zhiyuan Island, which is more than 1 km from Nha Trang Port.


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