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New Zealand — More Beautiful Than You Think

New Zealand is a beautiful place, let’s learn about New Zealand must go attractions.

1.Lake tikapi, south island

New Zealand south island has five famous lakes, is a visit to the south island must see the fantastic scenery. First of all, the introduction is tikapoo lake, because the glacier barrier lake has the color of Turkey blue, during the day, lakes and mountains constitute the carefree scenery, at night when the galaxy is full of the whole sky, lucky words can also see the aurora here! In New Zealand the starry night sky can be seen in many places, but here the most dark sky reserve, especially a few international night for sunny most of the year, is one of the best star observation and research sites recognized in the southern hemisphere, almost no light pollution aircraft will not pass the evening, the naked eye can see the Milky Way and nebula, come to New Zealand must not miss the scenery!


One of the most famous places on lake tekapo is the church of the good shepherd, a small, warm church made of stone on lake tekapo that doesn’t have a lot of decoration to blend into the landscape. In addition to the picturesque scenery during the day, New Zealand’s famous galactic photographs are often taken in the background of shepherd’s church.

During the spring and summer season in New Zealand, lu bing flowers can be seen as weeds everywhere, especially along the Banks of the river. Before I visited New Zealand, lu bing hua was a familiar and unfamiliar term to me. Until I saw it with my own eyes, its colorful colors spread in the river, which was a wide and spectacular scene. It is hard to describe the touching effect of seeing it for the first time!


Mount John is the vantage point of lake ticapo. From the top of the mountain, you can see the vast lake and mountain views around you from 360 degrees. In addition to the intoxicating views during the day, New Zealand’s largest and most important stargazing observatory is located here, where you can sign up for evening stargazing groups, providing professional guides and telescopes to view the pollution-free sky.


2. Lake pukaki

Lake pukaki is the confluence of melting snow in the southern Alps. It is also called blue milk lake because of its strange colors. A few cotton candy clouds floating low in the distant sky, like a mirror like pukaki lake perfectly reproduced the scenery, I stood on the hill overlooking all this, marveling at the fantastic incredible picture!


3. Queenstown, south island

Queenstown is the most famous holiday resort in New Zealand, surrounded by mountains and facing lakes. It is famous for its magnificent scenery all over the world. We came here in late spring and early summer. Lake wakati in the five lakes of the south island is a long and narrow lake that has nurtured many small towns and beautiful scenery. Queenstown is one of them. In addition to the picturesque scenery, there are many scenic spots worth visiting and more adventurous activities waiting for you to challenge.


I have visited many New Zealand towns, and I like the urban scenery of Queenstown most. It is rare to find a large-scale town with such a scenery. No matter which Angle you look at, you can see the city with snow mountains as the background. Due to the latitude of spring, summer and autumn sunshine time is long, it is recommended that travelers visit the suburbs during the day, and return to Queenstown after the afternoon, still see the scenery during the day.

There are lots of exciting and adventurous activities around Queenstown. If you have a small heart, try Luge! Luge is a small sled, fast on the curved track, enjoy the high speed, very enjoyable!

Glenokee is the northernmost village on lake wakatipu, which is different from the bustling scene in Queenstown. There are several small houses scattered on the lake. It is so independent, pure and natural, without any commercial atmosphere. I really like it here!


Arthurs Point from Queenstown only ten minutes, and the magnificent mountain scenery, has a unique river terrain with yellow flowers in the spring, autumn yellow leaves have the scenery here is more rich color, the other due to the Banks of the river bend and steep, attract spurt speedboat Shotover Jet in the stronghold, careering along the narrow curved channel for visitors to close friends, if like pursuing stimulation friend, might as well try!

Before you visit Queenstown, you must pass through Cromwell. With its rich land and abundant sunshine all the year round, it produces rich and sweet fruits, making it a key fruit town in the south island. Check out Jones’s Fruit Stall, a free rose garden filled with roses of all colors during the summer.

3. Helicopter glacier hike on south island

On the west side of the south island are two glaciers, the Fox Glacier and the Franz Josef Glacier. If you have the budget, it is highly recommended to take a helicopter to the Glacier for a visit. Because the climate in the western half is not stable, the helicopter is easily cancelled due to climate factors. It is suggested to put on record or stay for longer days, so as not to regret it.


The easiest and easiest way to visit the glacier is to take a helicopter to the top of the glacier and then walk down the mountain in 10 minutes. Further step for the glacier hiking about 3 hours, you can see the blue ice cave and other wonders, suitable for general tourists. At higher levels, there are also full day glacier hikes, including icebergs to climb, depending on your situation.

4. Dunedin

Located in the southeast of New Zealand’s south island, Dunedin is the second largest city on the south island after Christchurch. It was mainly inhabited by British and Scottish immigrants in the early days, which resulted in a very different appearance compared with other New Zealand towns. It has the nickname “Edinburgh of New Zealand”, which is the most European city. Here you can feel the deep Scottish style, appreciate the beautiful Victorian architecture, and the exquisite art of retro art.


Before the rise of Auckland, Dunedin was the largest and richest city in New Zealand. Since 1860, Dunedin has become the largest city in New Zealand due to the rapid growth of its population. With the gold rush slowly disappeared, but nitin faded the past bustling lively turn calm and quiet, with rich history and culture of it is still a lot of people yearning for love.
New Zealand is more beautiful than you think. Get ready to pack your bags and start a journey!

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