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Namuco — The Holy Lake Of Heaven

Namtso is a must-see if you are traveling to Tibet. Namu is located in central Tibet, north of Lhasa. It is about 230 kilometers from Lhasa to namtso nature reserve by driving along the 109 national highway via dangxiong county. “wrong” means lake in Tibetan, while “namtso” means lake in Tibetan.


Lake namco is 4,718 meters above sea level, more than 1,000 meters higher than the city of Lhasa. Namuco has a unique karst landform. Namuco was a giant lake formed in the depression of Himalayan orogenic movement in the late tertiary and early quaternary. The shape of namco lake is similar to a rectangle. It is about 70 kilometers long from east to west and 30 kilometers wide from north to south. It covers an area of more than 1920 square kilometers.


There are five islands in lake namco, the largest of which is 1.2 square kilometers. Buddhists say that the five islands lying in the lake are the incarnations of the five buddhas and are so sacred that anyone who makes a pilgrimage to namco will worship them. The zhaxi peninsula, which invades the lake, is covered with grotesque rocks, peaks and forests. There are many strange rocks and stone peaks on the peninsula, some like people, some like the trunk of an elephant, and some like evergreen pine trees. In addition, there are many deep caves in zhaxi peninsula, which have a variety of stalactite wonders.


The blue sky above namco is so far away, and the pure lake water reflects each other, just like heaven. The majestic snow peaks in the distance, like the gods of heaven, are looming in the clouds. The meadow by the lake is like a huge green blanket. Early in the morning when standing on the lake namtso, I saw a vast lake mist, shrouded in fairy gas, when the sun slowly rises, these clouds will slowly dissipate, the broad expanse of the lake in the breeze ripples.

The grassland on namtso lake is also a marvelous sight, which makes people feel the magnificent and magnificent of the sparsely populated northern Tibet. On the grassland, can see the lively and lovely rabbits, quietly staring at the yellow sheep, the quick action of the groundhog, all these can arouse people’s curiosity.


Being in namco, one’s soul will be thoroughly washed by the pure water in front of one’s eyes. Namco, the highest and most beautiful lake in the world, will shock you as if you were in a blue world. If you plan to travel to namco, you must rush to June to September every year, when the temperature in namco is the highest in a year. Later on, namco will be blocked by snow. In addition, the altitude of namco is relatively high, so tourists here may have more serious altitude sickness, it is best to take medicine before going, take it in advance, to avoid too severe altitude sickness and endanger life.

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