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Mystery Of The Easter Island Statues In Chile

In this beautiful country of Chile, there is a place called Easter island, which has been studied by scholars and visited by tourists because of its thousands of mysterious giant stone statues.


The stone statue on Easter island is called moai. Most moai are made of a single intact stone. All of them have only their upper bodies exposed, and their lower bodies are buried deep in the ground.

The statues are huge, about as tall as four people put together, and weigh in tons. In these mysterious stone statues there are big eyes, high bridge of nose, protruding chin and long ears.

Their arms are at their sides and their hands are just above their bellies. These statues are solemn and solemn, facing the sea, arranged as warriors ready to march. A few statues were made of red stone and placed on top of their heads. These oddly shaped stone figures are truly amazing in their skill.


Stories about the amazing statues are inevitable, but locals say they grew up without hearing about how their ancestors built them or why they were there.

These moai are made of volcanic rock, but we all know that these giant statues stand on the sea. How could volcanic rock exist near the sea? It has been measured that these statues, just the red hats on their heads, weigh nearly 10 tons. If the raw materials of these statues were transported from other places, what method could they use to carry such a heavy object?

As for the various unknowns, some speculated that the statues were not nearly as bulky as the legends suggested, that they had been built elsewhere and transported by sea, and that the carved patterns might have been a unique belief.

The stone statues were built only to keep the enemy at bay and to frighten him. Some even dared to guess that the statues were mysteriously constructed by aliens who came to earth. But all these theories are still people’s guesses, which cannot be verified scientifically.

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