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Mount Hana, South Korea: Known As The Mountain Of The Gods

Mount hana stands tall in the middle of jeju island, with an elevation of 1,950 meters. It is a famous mountain representing jeju island, also known as yingzhou mountain, which means high enough to catch the Milky Way. Mount hana is a highly cultivated and academically valuable mountain, designated a national park in 1970 and surrounded by 386 parasitic volcanic peaks. Mount Hanna is known for its vertical distribution of plants from temperate to frigid zones.

With more than 1,800 plants and 4,000 animals , there are plenty of climbing routes to get a good view of the surrounding mountains.


The route to mount Hanna is within 10km and can be reached on the same day, but climbers should be adequately equipped because of the extreme weather and high winds. Mount hana can be seen from any part of jeju island, but from different angles, the mountains are different, and the impression of the mountain varies from person to person, and with the change of seasons.


More than that, though the same trees, the same flowers, see in mount Hanna but somehow more unique. There is a saying that “jeju island is mt. Hana, mt. Hana is mt. Jeju”. This is not only because mt. Hana stands in the center of jeju island, but also because most tourists come to jeju island to conquer mt. Hana.


Known as the “mountain of the gods,” mount Hanna is as warm as a mother’s embrace, but sometimes as tenacious as the image of a Korean woman with the virtue of enduring humiliation. Although the area of mount Hanna is small, the lifestyle of fishing village, countryside and mountain village is different. In the countryside to agriculture as the center, fishing villages to fishing or diving fishing based on mountain farming in mountain villages or in han luo mountain to take agaric to live. Agricultural products mainly produce soybeans, barley, millet, buckwheat, upland rice and other miscellaneous grains, almost no rice.

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