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Mosca – China’s Mystery

Mosca, located in Danba County, Sichuan Province, has been unable to access roads in the past. In recent years, roads have extended from the inside of the village.


Mosca is the original plateau pasture, and the most attractive one is the groundhog. There are not many places in the Sichuan area that can reach and contact the groundhog. Mosca is one place. The scientific name of the groundhog is called the marmot, which is also known as the land squirrel, also known as Hara, Snow Pig, and Qu Wa. It is often called “Snow Pig” and refers to the groundhog.

The groundhog is not afraid of people, but it is also timid. When you try to approach it, it will test you until you are sure that you are not harming it. For the feeding of marmots, you can use biscuits and bread, etc. They all love to eat and will be in close contact with humans. Remember, don’t hurt small animals. They are all partners on our planet. Feeding away all the waste, keeping the quietness of the mountains and green waters.


Mosca, which means a flat place of auspiciousness, was once the place where King Gesar fought and lived, and was also the pure land that people of nature made in harmony with nature. Mosca Village is located beside the Danba Jinlong Snow Mountain, in the valley of the Hengduan Mountains. The pasture spans Ganzi and Aba, and involves Dafu, Jinchuan and Danba counties. In this environment of pure land, people and wild animals live in harmony, unconsciously reaching the perfect state of “Heaven and Man”.

In Mosca, feel the purest heart and embrace the purest land.

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