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Morocco Travel Guide

1.The Mayor Garden is a beautiful 12-hectare botanical garden and an artistic sacred place for Marrakech artists in Morocco. The famous French designer Yves Saint Laurent was the owner of this place. The Marrakech Museum of Islamic Art is housed in this garden, which includes the North American textiles of Mr. Yves Saint Laurent’s personal collection, in addition to a large number of ceramics, jewellery and paintings.


2.Go to Chefchaouen Medina to see the fairy tale world Medina, also known as Medina, Madile, formerly known as Yesrib or Yaslib. It is located on an open flat in the western Sierra Arabian territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is 39.36° east longitude and 24.28° north latitude. It is surrounded by mountains and 620 meters above sea level. It belongs to the mountain plateau city. Together with Mecca and Jerusalem, it is known as the three holy places of Islam. It is the second holy city of Islam.

3.Merzouga is the gateway to the Western Sahara Desert, where you can experience the endless charm of the desert. It is famous for its various sand dunes. The sand dunes can show the beautiful colors of gold and pink with the change of natural light. The desert at sunrise and sunset is more attractive.


4.Morocco has the sahara desert. The Sahara Desert Tent is also a feature. Many years ago, I had to spend a night in Sahara and I needed to ride a day and night camel into the desert. Now the road has been repaired directly to the edge of the desert. The desert tents are so good and bad, the simple type is directly placed on the sand on the mattress, and sleeps with the sand one night. Luxury desert tents also have their own toilet showers, although the prices vary. Most of Sahara’s desert tents are on the edge of the desert. You think that you have been riding a camel into the desert for an hour or two. The tent is deep in the desert. In fact, you just come in from the other side instead of copying it.


5.In addition to the Wall Fortress, the Castle Museum also houses a historical museum and a mini-gallery. Although it is not comparable to the historical sites of the world, it is a good place to learn about the history of Chefchaouen. In addition to feeling the human atmosphere, you can also board the tower, and the blue houses, hills and mosques form a perfect picture.

6.The capital of Morocco, one of the four imperial cities, like Casablanca, Rabat is located on the coastline of the east coast of the Atlantic Ocean, with long coastlines, blue skies, golden walls, and street walls full of flowers. Everything is full of rich Arabian style.


7.Meknes is a young imperial city, neat and orderly. The winding city walls, thick and solid ancient city walls, the numerous Maghreb-style ancient city gates on the walls are majestic. Mansour Gate is one of the ancient gates of the existing Moroccan*. The adobe gate is tall and solemn, the pattern is more refined and elegant, and the top Arabic rumors are unique, not inferior to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Meknes has fewer tourists, but it has a more original look.
Attractions recommended: Mansour City Gate, Tomb of Moulay Ismail, Royal Stables


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