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Manarola Is A Cliff Town, One Of The Ten Most Beautiful Towns In The World

Manarola is one of the “five fishing villages” in the coastal region of la spezia province in liguria, Italy.

The canines of the ligurian coastline, where the five fishing villages are located, contain five castles, or ancient fishing villages: montrosso, weinaza, Cornelia, riomaggiore and manarola on the sea. In 1997, the village was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site along with several surrounding port islands, and in 1999 it was named a national park.


The earliest historical records of wuyu village date back to the 11th century. First there were monteloso and vinazzo, while others emerged later, during the military and political hegemony of Genoa. In the 16th century, to defend against the turks, the inhabitants reinforced the old fort and built new towers. From the 17th century, the village began to decline, and it did not get better until the 19th century, thanks to the completion of spezia’s factory and the opening of the railway between Genoa and the capital.

The beauty of wuyu village is not what it used to be. It has been transformed over the centuries to make it useful. The hot, wet Mediterranean current reaches the mountains and meets the cold current, producing clouds and high rainfall. On the hill, dense strips of terraced fields soften the steep slopes and bring in abundance. These terraces are well suited for growing grapes and olives due to their favorable geographical position in the north, where the sun is sunny and the wind is still. As a result, large amounts of oil and wine are produced here.


The town sits on a rocky ridge stretching out to sea, creating a tight network of alleys. These alleys exist side by side, connected by irregular SLATE stairs.

Manarola’s primary industry has always been traditional fishing and wine making. The local wine, Sciacchetra, is particularly famous, and early Roman writings say the region produced high-quality wines. This dry, sweet, strong wine is made from grapes from well-known terraced fields. In addition to having thousands of years of history, they are widely praised around the world and have been named DOC of origin.


Manarola’s main landmark is the church of saint lorenzo, whose foundation dates back to 1338. The main church consists of three nave halls with twelve pillars flanked by round flower Windows and a multi-screen engraving from the 15th century. Its bell tower was used as a watchtower in the old days.

Every year on August 10, there is a festival of lorenzo, the town’s patron saint. That night, the town’s roads would be marked by an interesting procession, which would place a pedestal with a statue of the saint on a boat that set sail from the shallows of pareto to summon maria. The procession continued here, to the sierra valais, and finally to the church of SAN lorenzo. According to legend, if you see a falling meteor on this night, it is the tears of SAN lorenzo that will help you realize your wish.


Viadell ‘amore, a walkway between Rio maggiore and manarola, also attracts visitors. It is the shortest, most comfortable and easiest section of the trail connecting the five fishing villages. It is about one kilometer long and only takes 20 minutes to cover the whole distance. From the iron railings to the aloe vera by the roadside, from the concentric locks hanging on the railings to the walls in the tunnels, there are signs of love everywhere, countless lovers have carved or written their love.

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