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Luxembourg Gardens – A Great Place For Parisian Leisure, Where You Can Feel The Life Of The French

Luxembourg Gardens is a very beautiful place in the Latin Quarter! Built in 1612 under the rule of Marie de Medici. The Medici family came from Italy and was a super-famous family in the Roman Empire during the 15th and 18th centuries. It has a very powerful force. Directly facing the Luxembourg Royal Palace, the scene is particularly beautiful!


The Luxembourg Park is similar to the Dulle Park. There are huge artificial lakes. There are chairs around the lake. Most people come to the park with food and sunglasses to go to the park to eat and chat. Many children are accompanied by teachers and parents. The park includes a book price restaurant, and there are huge flower beds, which is very good.


Summer Paris, at 9 o’clock in the evening came to the Luxembourg Park, found that many French people and tourists are sunbathing in the Luxembourg Gardens, and quickly joined. A major feature of French parks is that there are many chairs that can be moved to keep everyone away. There is also the famous Medici Fountain that you can watch.


The autumn leaves and fountains in the Luxembourg Gardens really make everyone feel refreshed. Vegetation has been carefully constructed and designed and is the source of many artists’ landscapes. Especially in the beautiful season of autumn, the green, red and yellow vegetation of all life stages of Luxembourg are intertwined to create a beautiful picture!


The Luxembourg Gardens, which are not prominent among the many monuments in Paris, have not been heard by many tourists. But it is also a palace of the royal family, similar to the three mountains and five gardens in Beijing. It is the wife of Henry IV, where the mother of Louis XIII lived, and the story of the dog blood in the court battle is still very long. Nowadays it is a good place for Parisian leisure. There you can feel the life of the French.



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