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List Of The World’s Most Famous Ski Resorts

Zermatt ski resort, Switzerland, is considered the best ski resort in Switzerland and even the best in the world. Zermatt ski resort, located at the foot of the matterion peak, is the world’s top ski resort, with a total length of 250 km, the world’s second largest vertical drop (up and down by elevator), elevation difference of 2200 meters, a total of 74 sets of mountaineering transport facilities for all types of skiers to use.

St. moritz ski resort is located in Switzerland, connected with snow mountains, luxury facilities, known as the birthplace of winter sports. St. moritz is a high-end resort with a pleasant climate and has long been known for hosting high-level winter sports. It was the site of two winter Olympics, so the skiing facilities were of very high quality. The st. moritz ski resort is known as the granddaddy of winter sports.


Avoriaz is a French mountain resort near Geneva, Switzerland. The first ropeway was built in 1930. It is the most standard ski resort, with an elevation of 1,800 meters.

Known as the “pearl of the Alps”, kitzbuhel is the most famous resort in tyrol, Austria. The 700-year-old village, which has been skiing since the winter of 1892, is a showcase for visitors. Kitzbuhel ski resort is one of the most fashionable and popular winter resorts today. It offers excellent ski resorts and is famous for the Hahnenkamm downhill race, which takes place there every January.


Holmenkollen ski jump in Norway is the world’s largest and most advanced ski jump as high as 65 meters diving platform built on slopes, slide just like giant slide, with the world’s leading engineering level, meanwhile, called holmenkolien can also satisfy the skiing athletes, referees, the media and the audience and so on the different needs of the crowd.


Vail ski resort has long been known as “America’s best resort” and is ranked among the top five ski resorts in the world. It has the largest single ski area in the United States, offering nearly 5,300 acres of ski-accessible land. In addition to skiing, vail has several galleries, museums, balloon clubs, dog-sledding, ice skating, ice hockey, snowmobiles and more. Vail’s slopes, created by god for skiing, have an almost supernatural appeal that captivates skiers.


Whistler mountain ski resort is the largest ski resort in North America, about 120 kilometers north of vancouver, Canada. From 1992 to 1995, whistler was honored by ski magazine “SnowCountry” and “best resort design” for four consecutive years.

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