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Kumutag Desert Scenic Spot, A Good Place To Visit!

Xinjiang covers a vast territory, covering a total area of more than 1.665 million square kilometers, accounting for about one sixth of the country’s total area. It is the largest province in China. Xinjiang is rich in tourism resources. With its diverse natural landscape, unique ethnic customs and profound historical culture, it attracts numerous tourists every year. As one of the few places in China with grassland, lakes, deserts, gobi, snow mountains, glaciers and other natural landscape. Xinjiang is undoubtedly the best tourist destination in China.11


Library tower desert is juxtaposed with tianchi, characters of xinjiang is one of the three national key scenic spot, is also one of the few in the world are connected to the city in the desert, the city is located in shanshan edge, standing in the urban main road can look straight into the desert, from a walk in the city to desert scenic park is also only 20 minutes’ walk away.

Kumutag means “sand mountain” in the uyghur language. Library main distribution of compound tower, desert sand ridge, crescent sand ridge, linear sand ridge, a lattice, barchan dunes, pyramid dune, linear sand dunes, such as sand dune type, with a total area of 1880 square kilometers, is the third largest desert in xinjiang, China’s fifth largest desert, is a typical representative of the central Asia gobi desert landform and microcosm, known as the “museum of desert landscape of the world”. With aerial camera from the height of aerial photography, the winding hills converged into the endless golden sea of sand, seems to be spectacular!

For thousands of years, the kumutag desert and the old city of shanshan have been living side by side, just like a golden scarf around the small town of shanshan, never moving north, because it has not buried shanshan city. This is a wonder in the history of world desertification control that “the green will not retreat, the sand will not advance”. Because it is closely linked to the city, known as “the desert in the city” said. The desert and the city are connected, the oasis is accompanied by the yellow sand, the birds are dancing with the camel bells, the scenery in the desert and the beautiful scenery in the south of the Yangtze river. The beauty of kumutag lies in the softness of the desert, the undulations of the mountains, the beauty of the springs, and the solitude of the forest.


Library tower desert formed in the han dynasty, is the main cause of tianshan northeaster and DaBanCheng QiJiaoJing tuyere tuyere of the northwest wind in this meeting, two wind forces here, offset, the wind carrying the sand in the library tower which meet and deposited, accumulate over a long period gradually formed “the desert sand hill” this unique landscape. The dunes here are clearly defined and structured, with smooth ridge lines, such as waves like water and falling sand like diarrhea. Kumutag desert has been developed into a scenic spot integrating scientific research, investigation, exploration, sand sports, sand treatment and health care, and desert sightseeing.

The kumutag desert has been formed for a long time and accumulated profound historical culture. It is said that it is the last holy land of the ancient loulan kingdom. Deep in the kumutag desert, the rock layer formed by the yadan landform looks like human footprints, which is called “big footprint” by the local people. Around the “big footprint” there remains an ancient well and a stretch of poplar forest.


Come to the kumutag desert, in addition to enjoy the magnificent desert scenery, but also choose to experience camel riding, driving a surfcar, sitting on a sandboard, climbing sand mountains, sand sculptures and other exciting desert projects. In addition, about 12 km from the main scenic spot and a drive in the camp, the camp covers an area of 5 square kilometers, with a off-road vehicles, vehicle driving experience, 10 km desert tourism, karting, ropeway, and air travel zijia project six major functional areas, high quality resources of desert is the heaven of drive lovers, meet the desert adventure tourism many wishes.

At night, you can also choose to stay in the desert, experience a night in the desert wonderful journey, feel the passion of the desert in the vast night sky that quiet and peaceful. In the center of the desert to eat delicious delicious barbecue, taste the loulan grape wine, not only can enjoy the uygur characteristics of singing and dancing, but also around the bonfire to enjoy the singing, dancing!

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