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Koh Chang – Thailand’s Second Largest Island

Koh Chang is located in Koh Chang, the easternmost island of Thailand. It is the second largest island in Thailand and is famous for its shape as an elephant.


Located in the northeastern part of the Gulf of Siam, 130 kilometers from the border of Thailand and Cambodia, the island is under the jurisdiction of Daban, with an area of 429 square kilometers and 70% covered by pristine rainforest. The island has a population of 5,356.



The Koh Chang sub-district contains 28 islands in the waters of the Koh Chang Marine Park, the largest and most developed island in the island. The islands are surrounded by mountains, quiet and unpretentious. 70% of the unspoiled tropical rain forest is full of natural ecological beauty and is a paradise for adventure lovers. The waterfall is the main source of water on the island, and it is famous for the arrival of the Emperor Rama V. The dense tropical rainforests of central Koh Chang form some natural and spectacular waterfall landscapes. The main sightseeing pilgrimage spots on the island are connected to the waterfalls and have a unique style.


Visitors can also enjoy camping and swimming in the waterfall area, while the traditional fishing village can not only experience the local folk customs, but also taste the delicious seafood.


There are many excellent diving spots in the waters around Koh Chang, and coral reefs can be seen on the 5-25 meters sea floor. It is suitable for diving all year round, and the best season is from October to May. This area offers a variety of hard or soft coral reefs that are co-existing with many tropical marine species, including sea otters, tropical fish, squid, squid, sea turtles, and whale sharks.


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