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Known As The World’s Tallest Tower, The Tower In Dubai Is Also The City’s Most Famous Landmark

The burj khalifa is the tallest building in the world, soaring into the clouds of dubai at a height of 828 meters. It is an architectural masterpiece combining art, engineering and traditional culture. It has spacious office space, 900 private residences and an Armani hotel with 160 rooms. Standing at the top of the city on the 124th floor, the outdoor viewing platform offers a panoramic view of dubai. The latest addition is the record-breaking 148-storey observation deck top of the city – sky.



Two floors below the city’s top viewing platform is the upscale and elegant restaurant At. Mosphere, the world’s highest, offering world-class food and spectacular views of the city. The burj khalifa is also an art lover’s paradise — home to more than 1,000 works of art by middle eastern and international artists. The whole tower is actually a huge LED screen, and every night there will be a very distinctive pattern displayed in the whole tower. The tower was so high that I had to turn the phone sideways to get the whole thing in.


The tourist entrance of the burj khalifa is inside the Dubai mall. It stopped entering after 8:30. Now it is all electronic tickets. The burj khalifa has observation decks on The 124th and 148th floors, restaurants on The 122nd floor, and The most popular ticket is At The Top observation deck on The 124th floor (452 meters), which is The floor we bought. VIP service is available on the 148th floor (555m) At the Top Sky observation deck.


When entry has security check, still more strict, abide by the regulation of somebody else is good. Along the way, one side of the passageway is lined with screens that tell the story of the burj khalifa. The lift was really great, 124 floors, 452 meters high, and it took just over half a minute to get there, full of overweight. There are high performance telescopes in the window, which not only allow you to see very far in space, but also very far in time, through VR technology, you can see what dubai looked like 35 years ago.

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