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Kenting —— Go To The Sea And Take A Ride

Kenting is located in Pingtung County, Taiwan Province, with the Pacific Ocean to the east, the Taiwan Strait to the west, and the Bus Channel to the south.

Kenting has many famous attractions.


Longjing Park

Longyan Park is located between the goose nose and the wind blown sand. This area belongs to the rising limestone platform. Because the limestone is easily dissolved by water, there are limestone caves, seepage points, cliffs, red clay and other topographical landscapes. There are prairies in the park, from the steep cliffs to the winding coast. This area has less light and is suitable for watching the sunrise and the starry sky at night.


Cat nose

The cat’s nose is the typical coral reef coast erosion. The coral reef is caused by the long-term wave erosion, repeated dry and wet, long-term salt crystallization, gravel erosion and dissolution, resulting in cliffs and potholes. Peculiar landscapes such as reef pillars and inter-layer caves. The coastline is like a pleated skirt. It is called the reef coast and has great terrain teaching and research value.


White Sand Bay

Baisha Bay is located on the west bank of Hengchun Peninsula and on the northwest coast of Cat Nose. Also known as “white sand.” The Baisha Bay area is a coral reef coast. It was originally a small fishing port called Baisha Port. This zone is uniquely endowed with a 100-meter-long beach composed of pure white shell sand, which retains its natural features due to the few visitors.


Kitty house

This is a great choice for people who like to take pictures. There are beautiful houses and empty roads, so how to take pictures is beautiful.

Food recommendation:Bob scallions, egg yolks, chicken nuggets, mangoes and pineapples are worth a try.


Travel tips:

The best time to travel is October, November, March, April, around, the weather is not as hot as summer, and there are fewer tourists. The main point is that the house prices are cheaper after entering the off-season, and some are for sale.

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