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Kato Garden Is A Very Beautiful Place And It’s Very Relaxing To Come Here

Kato park, Japan, is a very beautiful place, very different, a beautiful place that you might not see anywhere else. The great pergola with nearly a thousand square meters, wisteria dome and wisteria tunnel are unforgettable. Every year in April to may, all kinds of wisteria flowers bloom successively, to that will feel to the fairy tale world, the feeling is very romantic.



Every time wisteria flowers open, there will be visitors to the picnic, everywhere in full bloom, sitting there picnic is not a fun. Enjoying the beautiful scenery, chatting with family and friends, it’s very relaxing.

The wisteria tunnel in the park is the most famous one. Compared with other tunnels, it has its unique charm and the beauty is shocking. In addition to the common purple flowers, there are white, pink and other colors of wisteria, different colors make the whole tunnel has its own unique charm. Standing in the tunnel, as if into the comic world, beautiful people can not believe.


It’s also a great place to see red leaves, and November to December is the best time to do it. Spring can go there to see the dream wisteria flowers, autumn can enjoy the garden of red maple, no matter which season, the scenery there will make people feel worthwhile.

The name of the cotton fort makes it feel like a beautiful place, like a fairy tale. Where can you enjoy the natural hot spring while enjoying the sunset there. The hills there are like cotton, and they are uneven, that’s why they call them that. The formation of such a landscape, is because the spring water from the plains of more than two hundred meters high rock flow, after a long time, white lime precipitation, gathered on the surface of the erosion of the trapezoid rock, thus forming different sizes of white cotton balls, layer by layer. Seen from a distance is like cotton steps, a lot of cotton pile on the hill, so it became a cotton palace.


White as jade, like the accumulation of cotton into the castle, from a distance, like the snow terraces, water slowly from the middle of the rock flow, between the steps, can see a little pool, like jade, very beautiful. The spring water in the pool varies in depth. From the top down, the hot spring platforms look like mirrors, with blue sky and white clouds reflected in them. It is still very beautiful.

From below, it looks like a newly erupted volcano. It’s spectacular. The sunset is a must see, in the setting off of the sunset, it is like a beautiful lotus, with incredible light and shadow miracle. The water waves on the rock surface record all the colors of the sky, which is a good place to go.

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