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Japan Has A Fantastic Swimming Pool Where People Can Walk And Breathe Underwater

People in the swimming pool will inevitably be affected by the water, can not normally breathe, walk. Clothes must be messy because of water. However, an artist in Japan has made it possible for people to walk freely in a swimming pool, without being affected by the buoyancy of the water, and breathe without any obstacles.


Located in the center of kanazawa, Japan, it is a public art gallery full of artistic experience. The pool is the work of prominent Argentine artist Leandro Erlich. He added a thin layer of water to the pool using the gallery’s skylights, then added handrails to give the illusion of walking at the bottom.

When visitors walk into the swimming pool from the first floor, they will find that the people in the swimming pool will not be affected by the water at all. They will walk freely in the swimming pool, talk, play, and even play with their mobile phones. The depth of the swimming pool is 2.7 meters, and clear to the bottom. The clothes they were wearing were not in the least dishevelled by the water.


The pool turns out to be a duplex structure consisting of a limestone deck and a ladder. From above, it’s a normal swimming pool. If you’re down there, you’ll see that this place has a very special place. If you enter the pool from the basement, you will find that there is no water at the bottom of the pool, but an empty room.

Looking down from the top is a swimming pool. Looking down from the bottom, it is actually a exhibition room. There is a transparent glass ten centimeters deep above it. In fact, this swimming pool is created by people’s optical illusion, which is a clever use of visual skills to give people the illusion that they can walk freely under the water through a ladder.


Isn’t it amazing? Go and experience it for yourself!

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