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Imam Mosque – One Of The Finest And Most Stunning Islamic Buildings In The World

In Arabic, imam means leader, teacher, example, model and prayer leader. In Islam, it refers to a worshiper who leads a crowd in front of a crowd during mass worship. The imam mosque is located south of naghsh-i Jahan Square, a popular tourist city in Iran, and is listed on the world heritage list along with the Square. Construction of the mosque began in 1611 and took more than 20 years before it was finally completed in 1638. The mosque is one of the most beautiful and amazing islamic buildings in the world.



The imam mosque is made of exquisite tiles inside and outside, the most amazing of which are the black bricks on the ground facing the arch of the largest hall of worship. It is said that visitors can hear the whole mosque inside and outside by standing on these black bricks and clapping their hands. In addition, the imam of the mosque of c2: cooperate with square front position design of flexible is also one of the factors of the mosque is constantly surprise: because mosque have to face the direction of mecca, and stipulates that all the front entrance to the building must face the square square, this lead to heel is the front entrance to the north, the square cannot be placed in the same axis; However, the designers cleverly built a corner between the front of the mosque and the front of the square, so that the square kept a neat rectangle, and the orientation of the mosque without losing the religious requirements, achieving a perfect match.




The imam mosque is the highest point in Iran’s thousand-year history of mosque construction, and a fine example of grandeur in architecture, wood carving, and glazing.

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