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How Should I Play For Phuket For The First Time?

Phuket, known as the “Pearl of the Andaman Sea”, has attracted many tourists with its beautiful coastal natural scenery, wide white beaches, emerald waters and local cultural customs.

Patong Beach: Phuket’s most popular beach
Phuket has Patong Beach, Kata Beach and Karon Beach. The first time visitors come to Phuket will choose Patong Beach, which is also the most popular area in Phuket. The infrastructure of restaurants, shops and shops is relatively complete compared to other areas. Choosing to Patong Beach not only allows you to stroll through the characteristic commercial districts, but also go to the beach to enjoy the sun or experience entertainment.


During the daytime, the beach is relatively dry, you can choose to go shopping, go to the beach in the evening, rent a beach chair, look at the sea and sky in the distance, blowing the sea breeze, the tides in the distance are big and small, so the days are also Very beautiful.

Generally, in the case of the rainy season, you can see a spectacular and beautiful sunset. The sunset glow of the setting sun fills the sky, as if God has overturned the palette, it is very beautiful and can’t help but blur people.


Emperor Island, come to Phuket to go to the island
Since I came to Phuket, I would regret it if I didn’t go to Emperor Island! The island of the island can be booked in advance on the Internet. Prices generally include round-trip transfers, snorkeling (or no choice), lunch, and drinks on board. It is recommended to choose a cruise ship operated by a regular company. The cruise ship should be as large as possible. It will be relatively stable during driving and has a high safety factor. In addition, it is necessary to wear a life jacket throughout the journey.

In addition to the island’s upstream play, you can also try to experience the snorkeling here, which is said to be the best snorkeling spot in Phuket. Ordinary snorkeling means that the ship is parked not far from the shore. The wearer can put on the life jacket and put on the breathing apparatus and eyepieces. But the key is to see a lot of small fish, very interesting, more recommended .


Kata Beach: fewer tourists, more refined beaches
Kata Beach is much smaller than the other two beaches, but it is more refined. There are fewer tourists coming here. Most of them come here to stay at the hotel. The hotel price is relatively expensive, and of course you can enjoy more quiet. A comfortable life. The beach is rarely seen in the daytime, and most of them come to the beach for a walk or enjoy the sunset in the evening.Of course, it is also a beach that is very suitable for surfing. 

Chalong Temple: the largest Buddhist temple in Phuket
It is well known that Thailand is a country of Buddhism. Of course, temples are indispensable in Phuket. Friends who like Buddhist culture may wish to visit Chalong Temple, the largest and most incense temple in Phuket, located in the south of Phuket. In Chalong Bay, you can navigate from the beach to ride a motorcycle, but you need to pay more attention to safety, or you can charter a car, the price is relatively expensive.


Phuket Town: the most literary place on Phuket
Phuket Town is not very far from Chalong Temple. It is about 8 kilometers away and can be reached by motorcycle in 20 minutes. Phuket Town attracts many visitors with its numerous wall graffiti and colonial architecture.
In addition to the small fresh art, the town has a slow-paced life and a quiet atmosphere. The most famous roads include Tailang Road, Ratsada Road and Phuket Road. Each has its own characteristics, and two There are also many Portuguese-style buildings on the side, which is a nice place to play.


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