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Hong Kong Travel Must Reach: Victoria Harbour

There is a place to be visited in Hong Kong. This is also the place where many people who come to Hong Kong for the first time must go. It is the famous Victoria Harbour. The night here is known as one of the “Three Night Scenes of the World”. Victoria Harbour is also one of the three natural harbours in the world.


Victoria Harbour is a port and sea area between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula in Hong Kong. It has a wide water surface and beautiful scenery. Every day at sunrise and sunset, the busy ferry crossing between the north and the south, fishing boats, cruise ships, sightseeing boats, tons of giant wheels and the sound of their whistle, intertwined a wonderful seascape. However, the tourist spots concentrated in the area are in Kowloon, near the Hong Kong Museum of Art and Space Museum, and a striking tall lighthouse.

But in fact, the coastline of Victoria Harbour is very long, and there are countless attractions on both sides of the North and South. But what is amazing is the row of high-rise buildings filled with modern civilized society on the other side and the new wings of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition, which has become a landmark. After the twilight, the flashing lights gradually create a magnificent night view of the “Pearl of the Orient”. Here, enjoying the night on the shore is a kind of romance, the sea breeze is light, the other side is brightly lit, and there is a light show from time to time. Experience the civilization of modern technology while enjoying the romance.


Of course, it is even more desirable to take a sea cruise, especially the Star Ferry, which is popular in Central, Wanchai and Tsim Sha Tsui. Behind these winding high-rise buildings or in the lower corners, the prosperity and unstoppableness of Hong Kong’s history and culture are constantly deriving and flourishing.

This fascinating harbor in the night has the world’s busiest container port, witnessing the changes in Hong Kong’s trade, economy and tourism. In the course of time, the continuous construction and development of the two sides of the strait has directly affected the history and culture of Hong Kong. This is also one of the keys to making Hong Kong an international metropolis.

In Hong Kong, where history is not long, the Star Ferry is indeed a reminiscent of Hong Kong people and a microcosm of Hong Kong. But even today, the Star Ferry is mostly kept the same. It has a hundred years of history and is now the most popular ship on the sea.


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