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Hobbit town In New Zealand

In both the Lord of the rings and the hobbit series, frodo and bilbo are hobbits from Shires, and tolkien gives a detailed description of the beauty of the shire and the hobbit’s home, the Bag End. Director Peter Jackson searched throughout New Zealand after filming the film and finally found the ideal “shire” on a farm near Matamata in the central north island. Construction began in 1999 to turn the site into a fantasy retreat known as “hobbit town.”

Here is not a simple artificial attractions, here is the perfect combination of nature and craftsman skills; Unlike domestic studios, you can be an immersive hobbit for half a day. This is not an out-of-date product that has fallen into disrepair. It was set up during the hobbit shooting to preserve this beauty for eternity, and today you can still see the crew maintaining it, moistening every flower in front of the door. The number of hobbit caves in the town has changed from 39 during the filming of the ring to 44 during the hobbit era.


The hobbit town is the work of Peter Jackson and his team at great expense and energy. Every flower, every piece of grass, every bridge and every car here is carefully considered. Without the gimmick of a movie location, it would be a place to experience the charm of middle-earth.

Hobbit towns are the best places to visit. The town is a perfect replica of Shires, the tranquil retreat in the book, and the magical home of the hobbit, the Bag End. Walking through the hobbit town, we stopped at random and looked around to feel the scene after scene in the movie. At first, the hobbit town was only a temporary location, but after the movie was finished, it slowly broke down. Since 2012, however, the town has become a veritable arcadia, since the temporary location became a permanent masterpiece and was then completely and properly preserved.


In the small town of the hobbit you can also taste a variety of delicacies; The beer here is quite famous, after a long walk, our legs must be a little tired, then we went to the green dragon tavern to enjoy a cup of hopetun southern region fine beer, suddenly all tired. The main attraction is hobbiton night tour. Instead of the usual 2-hour tour, there is a themed dinner and lantern night tour.


Movie locations must punch in:
1. Bilbo’s house
2.A bird’s eye view of the hobbit town
3. The first meeting between bilbo and gandalf
4.Stone bridge and mill
5.A bird’s eye view of the village
6. Bilbo going after thorin
7. The party tree
8. Gandalf visits bilbo
9.Sam goes back to his warm home
10. Gandalf and bilbo were sitting on a bench with a bird ‘s-eye view of the banquets
11.The mill and the stone bridge


The hobbit town is a must-see on the north island and a must-see from Auckland to rotorua. Whether driving or following a group, waitomo firefly hole and the town are a perfect match for the day.

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