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Have You Ever Seen A Lake Full Of Bubbles? Into The Beautiful Lake Abraham

You may have seen a lake frozen in winter, but have you ever seen a lake frozen and bubbling in winter? When winter comes, hundreds of millions of ice bubbles appear on the frozen surface of the lake. Who painted the magical “frozen makeup” of the lake? Today we’re going to take a look at lake Abraham in Canada!


Lake Abraham is an artificial lake on the north Saskatchewan river in alberta, Canada. It was built in 1972. The waters, which bear the same name as former US President Abraham Lincoln, are unspectacular in spring, summer and fall, with little to offer but blue water. But in winter, as if enveloped by magic, lake Abraham quickly changes into frozen makeup and becomes a national beauty — with the cold hit, hundreds of millions of ice bubbles will quickly appear on the frozen lake, some like a thousand layers of cake, some like thick history books, some like a UFO sleeping in the lake, triggering people’s reveries. People call it an ice bubble lake.

The phenomenon is caused by methane released by plants in the Abraham lake bed and low temperatures on the surface of the lake. Methane continues to pour onto the surface of the lake, and when the temperature drops below a certain level, the lake begins to freeze, keeping the air bubbles together. As the temperature drops, these frozen bubbles build up into what we see.


Ice bubble lake shows people a glittering and translucent ice bubble world, methane gas is sealed in the ice like crystal, forming a large and small irregular dot, covered the entire lake, showing people its amazing beauty.

The usual “dragon bubble” spectacle of lake Abraham is already breathtaking beauty, encounter the aurora, this mountain lake is even more beautiful, like a beautiful fairyland. With countless ice bubbles of varying sizes, such as giant pearls floating on snow and ice, illuminated by auroras and sunsets, Abraham seemed not to belong on earth, but to a magical lake in the magical world. Large-scale ice crack also added a few minutes of chilly temperament to its frozen makeup. Under the snowy peaks, on the ice of yulan, the huge cracks are like giant trees growing on the lake, and also like lightning streaks in the dark night.


Not only is it a place for photographers to take pictures of the wonders of the lake, but some tourists also flock to Abraham lake in minus 20 degrees. Couples sitting side by side on the ice, facing the rosy sky and stars, make a romantic wish, this long life will open a door to happiness.

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