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Hallstatt – The Oldest Town In Austria

Hallstatt is like a fairy tale. More than 3,000 meters above sea level, mountains and clear, bottomless lakes have transformed this place into a paradise on earth.


Many people say this is a postcard from heaven, full of pine and cypress forests, lush, all kinds of exquisite and beautiful colored wooden houses, the reflection is dotted in a clear and bright green water, swimming swans, twittering happiness, as far as the eye can see a peaceful and comfortable idyllic scenery.

Standing between steep slopes and jewel-green lakes, the fairy-tale rows of wooden huts that line the lake stand out from the sun.

Hallstatt is a village in the saltzkammergut region of upper Austria, located on the shores of hallstatt lake. It is called “the most beautiful town in the world” due to its beautiful scenery, and also known as the world’s oldest salt capital.


The town is small, just a small strip of land on the west bank of hallstatt lake. But although the sparrow is small five internal and external parts, rows of huts built by the lake, in the sunshine appears to be particularly eye-catching, the flowers on the wall, small decorations on the windowsill, the door of the shop and so on all send out a strong artistic atmosphere.

Hal Mr Eberstadt protestant church is located near the pier Tuesday Hal’s most iconic buildings, from the very beginning of the parking lot out go straight you can see a long corridor, keep going to see the landmark building of the gothic style, while only 20% of the population in this town a protestant, but still do not interfere with the church became the town of history and art treasures.


Hallstatt made his fortune in salt mines, known as salt mines, and the Hall in its name actually means salt; The oldest salt mine here is nearly 7,000 years old and is also known as the oldest salt capital in the world; Prehistoric humans mined the salt mines with simple wooden tools and backpacks made of animal skins.

The historic salt mine on the hill at the mouth of Hallstatt has been transformed into a scenic spot for visitors to climb or take a cable car. If you still have time, take the wooden slide up the mountain to experience a mining adventure.


Go all the way to the cave tunnel near the beginning of exciting mine cave adventure: salt mine advanced tunnel, and this tunnel is manually dug out, wood reinforcement is safer, occasionally dome occasionally into a triangle, as if stepping through the time and space fantasy door; Walking all the way to the 60-meter long miners’ slide, lining up to slide down in the wind and lightning speed, is also a kind of experience of the daily life of miners thousands of years ago. If someone is afraid of taking the slide, they can walk down the next step. All the way down to the mine dozens of meters deep, you can enjoy the history of the salt mine and the formation of the micro film, a variety of salt mine stone exhibition, as well as the miners mining props technology, out of the mine and a long pulley can complete the mine cave adventure.


It doesn’t matter if you are in a hurry. It is a special experience to stay in the fairy tale cabin around you in the evening. When you pack up your luggage, you can go out to the fields and various lazy cows and interact with them.

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