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Guilin Tourism Eight Must Go To Scenic Spots

1. The lijiang river
Lijiang river belongs to the xijiang river system in the pearl river basin, which is the general name of the upper reaches of the tributary guijiang river. The li river starts from the source of the guijiang river, yuechengling maoershan, and ends at the sanjiangkou of pingle county, guilin city.
The lijiang river scenic area in guilin is listed by the state council as one of the first batch of national key scenic spots. The lijiang river is famous for its unique and outstanding natural landscape — guilin landscape. “Guilin lijiang scenic area” has become famous all over the world! Famous Chinese and foreign ancient and modern! The li river section of the scenic area is 164 kilometers long, with beautiful scenery, clear water and mountains, and wonderful stone cave. “Guilin landscape is the best in the world” deserves its reputation!
15650148093682. Guilin’s unique peak — jingjiang wangcheng scenic area
Alone xiufeng is located in the city center of guilin jingjiang king city, alone xiufeng known as the “south column”. Jingjiang city was the vassal residence of jingjiang Kings in Ming dynasty.
Alone xiufeng in jingjiang king city, gu feng protruding, steep, majestic momentum. Jingjiang wangcheng is located in the city center of guilin, so it is said that “reading all wangcheng knows guilin”. And guilin city “xiufeng district” district name, is taken from “alone xiufeng”.


3.Two rivers and four lakes
“Two rivers” refer to li river and taohua river; “Four lakes” refer to mulong lake, GUI lake, banyan lake and fir lake. “Two rivers and four lakes” encircling the city water system is 7.33 kilometers long, with a water surface area of 385,900 square meters.
Guilin city is a typical landscape city, “two rivers and four lakes” natural landscape constitutes the basic elements of guilin city landscape. Full of rich landscape city landscape style.

4. Xiangbi mountain scenic area in guilin
Located at the confluence of taohua river and li river in guilin, the mountain is named after a giant elephant standing on the edge of the river and drinking the water of the li river.
Xiangshan is famous for its magic, which constitutes the “xiangshan shui yue” wonder. Xiangbi mountain is the chenghui mountain of guilin, which is the symbol of guilin tourism, and the name of “xiangshan district” in guilin city is taken from “xiangbi mountain”.

5.Guilin seven-star scenic spot
Qixing rock cave stalactites, stalagmites, stone mantle, stone flowers in various shapes and forms, strange, uncanny workmanship, breathtaking. Qixingyan is known as “fairy cave”.
The seven-star scenic area is the epitome of guilin landscape essence, which is composed of guilin mountains, water, caves, rocks, courtyards, buildings and cultural relics. And guilin city “seven stars area” district name, is taken from “seven stars rock”.

6.Dawei ancient town in guilin
Dawei ancient town is one of the four “wei towns” in ancient guangxi. During the Ming and qing dynasties, dawei was a place where merchants from the north and the south gathered.
Dawei ancient town has manshou bridge, gaozu temple, mosque, ancestral temple, liao zhai (no. 47, dongfang street), huang zhai (no. 28, min min street), li zhai (no. 37, min min street) and so on. Architecture of dawei town: each house is very reasonable in design. It is composed of front door, patio, main room, wing room and backyard.

7. Longsheng rice terraces in guilin
Longsheng terraced fields: divided into jinkeng and dazhai yao terraced fields view scenic spot, pingan zhuang terraced fields view scenic spot, the main attractions of more than a dozen. Longsheng rice terraces enjoy great momentum, beautiful scenery, flowing lines, changing charm and unique folk customs. Longsheng rice terraces are called “the most in the world” and “the best in the world”.

8.Yangshuo west street
Yangshuo west street is located in the center of yangshuo ancient town. With a history of more than 1400 years, it is the oldest and most prosperous street in yangshuo. Yangshuo street has: ancient pavilion, former residence of celebrities, memorial hall, steles, ancient temple, Ming city wall, and so on, these ancient buildings are relatively complete preservation.


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