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Go To The Big Bear Rainforest And Meet The White Bear

The name of the Big Bear Rainforest is absolutely worthy of its name. The scenery is very charming, just like a fairy tale world. In a place where a name is like a fairy tale, the whole person will have more innocence to see the whole world. Do you want to go to the big bear, Lin Lin’s impulse? The environment here is very beautiful, there is no artificial destruction, here, bears are indispensable. In spring, they just end hibernation, you can look for them in the Big Bear Rainforest. If you are lucky, you can find precious and rare white spirit bears here.



In the rainforest, there is a white bear, the Kemod Bear, which is also the origin of the Big Bear Rainforest. This rainforest not only lives the Kemod Bear, but also the North American Black Bear and Brown Bear. At the end of the 19th century, Kemod The existence of the bear (Moksgm’ol) is only known to the people of Qinxi. These white elves live in the middle of British Columbia, Canada, and live in an almost isolated life in the vast bear rainforest.

The world’s existing temperate virgin forests are extremely rare, and the world’s untouched temperate forests account for only 1-2% of the world’s temperate forests, and this temperate forest on the west coast of Canada is even more precious, hoping to be in environmental organizations and Canada. Under the government’s efforts, the legendary Komod bear will live forever in peace and tranquility.


Haruki Murakami said, I like you like a bear who likes spring. Do you want to go and see the bears in this big bear rain forest? Many of the travels that have been visited have seen the white spirit bears. It is really embarrassing and cute. A person’s travel will be closer to his own heart, truly stop and enjoy the moment of self-experience.

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