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Go To Prague’s Fairy Tale World

Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic, located in the Central Bohemia and Vltava rivers of the country.Prague is a famous tourist city. The city has a large number of historical periods and various styles of architecture, especially in the Baroque style and Gothic.


When you arrive in Prague, you must feel the fairy tale of it.

Don’t miss the Prague Castle. There is a charming little area next to Prague Castle, hidden from sight and overlooked by most tourists. Known as Novy Svet, it’s the Prague you’ve always dreamed of: a picturesque little house street, a magical atmosphere and the Novy Svet café, served by local bakery company Double Shot. From there, the most interesting route is the castle that passes through the deer moat, the path along the Brusnice creek, and the pedestrian tunnel of the architect Josef Pleskot.


Several visits to the Cathedral of St. Vitus include the 20th century stained glass windows, the tomb of St. John and the St. Wenceslas Chapel. Walking into the entrance of the church, the colorful stained glass on the left is the work of the famous painter Muha of Prague, adding a lot of modernity to this millennial church; bypassing the back of the altar, sterling silver is made, and the decoration is gorgeous.

Prague is a city with bohemian style bars, if you know where to find them. The Old Town Square in the basement of the U Prince is the Black Angel’s Bar. It is often listed as one of the world’s top hotel bars, a 1930s-style underground cocktail bar with original Gothic and Romanesque masonry, leather seating, dark wood furniture and glass.


In the 19th century, Prague was named “The City of Baita.” You can sleep in at least two of them and enjoy the full fairy tale experience. Located on the top of the medieval astrological tower – now part of the ancient abbey of the first-class Augustin Hotel – the Tower Suite has three floors and a 360-degree panoramic view, which is in harmony with Prague Castle. In a more modern place, you can head to the studio Tower Park Praha, located at the top of Prague’s iconic Zizkov TV Tower, which is probably the best view of the city.


Prague’s new modern café is sure to be lively, but its historic grand café retains the soul of the city. You have to look up and find them – the gems at the turn of the century are often hidden on the first floor, so it feels like a well-preserved secret. Dating back to 1902, CaféLouvre frequented Kafka and Einstein. With its arched entrance, soft colours and large windows, the well-lit café maintains a refined atmosphere that will take you back to the past. On the first floor of the Black Madonna House, the Great Eastern Cafe is the only cubist cafe in the world. Its lights and lanterns were designed by Czech architect Josef Goár, who also designed the Cubist-style architecture, where the café is.

Go to Prague Square and dance!

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