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Go To Nara Park In Japan To See The Deer

Nara park is located in the east of nara city street, the park is 4 kilometers long, 2 kilometers wide, the area is very broad, the park also has if grass hill, todaiji, chunrida, the national museum and other places of interest in nara. It became a prefecture-level park in the year Meiji 21 and was one of the pioneers of modern parks in Japan. Taisho 11 was designated as a national monument in Japan. Nara park, covering an area of 660 hectares, is a large, magnificent and tree-lined historical park with historical sites such as todai-ji, kofuku-ji and nakagura, which have survived the tianping era. One of the most famous in the park is chunri da she’s deer herd, which is regarded as the messenger of god and loved and cared for by people.


In addition, there are about 1, 700 cherry trees of different species in the park, mainly nara ba and jiu chong sakura. There are 1,200 of them, most of them gentle and lovable. Deer, which play in groups in the park, are under special protection because of their association with the white deer legend circulating in the Spring Festival society, and have been designated as national protected animals. The best time to enjoy the beautiful nature is in the green ruocao mountain and the most beautiful deer fur in April and may, or the autumn full of red leaves and other travel, graduation travel season. However, in the off-season you can take a leisurely walk in the park. At any time of the year, the beauty of the area is attractive. Next to everyone to introduce how to enjoy the full nara park.


First of all, a leisurely walk is the best way to visit the park, because it also says that there are attractions at any time of the year. The most important thing is that there is also a group of highly intelligent deer, see the visitors have deer cake will take the initiative to come, feeding lovely deer is also a pleasure to visitors here. But it should be noted that the deer is generally hungry in the morning, temper will be larger, do not attempt to take food to tease the deer, causing its anger. Keep yourself safe from being gored, kicked or bitten when in close contact with deer. Avoid contact with antlers. So how do you feed the deer?


Feed the deer if you must buy local stalls sell deer loaves of bread, to made of nara to fawn local biscuits, we usually eat cookies don’t feed, the fawn’t digest, local deer that sell bread smells very delicious, I wasn’t endure a little taste, but the taste moment let me understand, we still has a gap between man and the deer. There are many roadside stalls selling deer cakes, the unified price of 150 yen a bundle, one person to buy a bundle can feed for a long time. Fawn is particularly clever, stall on the cookies they will not rob, silently waiting for someone to buy, and then rushed to act like a spoiled cookie.


In fact, if you want to make the deer obedient, there is a trick. First of all, the deer cake must be hidden, best put into an opaque bag, take out one piece at a time, break into small pieces to them. Best find a single deer, feed alone, take pictures alone. Although a herd of deer shot very strong, but very dangerous, easy to be attacked by the group! After the cookies are fed, if the fawn is still in hot pursuit, open the palm of your hand to them, and say to them, “look, no more!


Deer are trained to bow to people, especially if you still have a cookie in your hand, so you can tease them a little. But remember to accept as soon as good, otherwise will top you! If there are no cookies and the fawn is still chasing you, just check to see if there is someone nearby feeding the fawn. Take the fawn over there and you will be attracted to the fawn. After reading the introduction, do you really want to go to nara park? Do it now.

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