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Go To Margaret River For The Most Fascinating Scenery

The Margaret River area is located near the southwest coast of Australia, at the intersection of two oceans. When nature creates this place, the mood must be very good. The scenery around the Margaret River is very beautiful. This neighborhood is a rich and rich area.

Not only is this a super large natural playground. It has an amazing beach. There are also more than 50 surfing spots in the world. There are also many restaurants here, where you can enjoy delicious food wherever you go. It is also a natural garden. The discolored eucalyptus is replaced by coastal shrubs. It is full of thousands of orchids and wildflowers.


The Margaret River region stretches over 80 miles across the coastline of Western Australia and is more than 20 miles deep inland. The best way to explore this remote area is to drive by car. Three and a half hours drive from Perth. The best place to rest is Bonbury, the beautiful beaches of Bonbury, the lighthouses and the lazy people who can’t take off the pace to stop the passengers from enjoying a leisurely and quiet time. It took 40 minutes to get to Basilton after the highway. This is the gateway to the Margaret River region.

Basildon has a long levee that is the longest in the southern hemisphere. It was built in 1865 and it has experienced many fires and typhoons. Today it is Australia’s most unique diving spot. Going to the farthest part of the long levee, the bottom of the sea is 26 feet deep under the sea. Experience the thriving seabed ecology between the support columns. Visitors can get in touch with the underwater world here. Barton is the starting point for Australia’s most scenic route to the cave road. This area is named after a lot of limestone caves. These caves make the local landscape rugged. The easiest to reach is the big cave.

People left behind the noise of the car. Entered this quiet underground world. The cave road extends inland and passes through picturesque villages and historic logging towns to reach the most important town of Margaret River. Even though the cave road is 69 miles long, it takes a few days to explore it.

Every village, every farm door, is asking you to slow down and stop inside. Taste the delicious food of this area. They brew beer made from pure rain and a variety of ice creams. The cheese is from the happiest cow you have ever seen driving. Olive oil and candied fruit are handmade by people with full heat and love. The climate here, the soil here and the people here, the combination of the three is red wine.


Surrounded by the sea on three sides, and the summer with less rain. As a wine-producing region, the Margaret River can be compared to the famous Bordeaux region of France. The first vine of the Margaret River was planted in the mid-1960s. Its wine history is not long, but there are now more than 200 wineries located here. You can visit each wine cellar and taste the world’s most anticipated Chardonnay, Shiha and Cabernet. You can also enjoy Australia’s most creative meals in the first winery in this area. There is a beautiful dining environment.

The cave road is a winding road along the way. These winding roads lead to mysterious locations that have only been known to fishermen and surfers for decades. The northern end of Margaret River is full of mystery. At the Mirap Beach between June and December, the lookout point near the lighthouse makes this corner the best place to watch whales in Europe. This is also the starting point for the most beautiful trails in Europe.

The trail is built along the beach and the top of the cliff, which strung a lot of places. These places still retain the names of the aborigines. For example, Merlin Bay is named after a French explorer. Pivelli is also named after the monastery of Crete. They baptized local soldiers during World War II. The names of these beaches may vary, but one thing is common. That is, these places can nourish people’s body and mind.The best way to experience the beach is to go out to sea. You may wish to take a trip to whale watching. Whales, once once almost disappearing, now have thousands of whales returning to this place every year to mate and multiply the next generation. And simply enjoy the warm waters of the Margaret River. The southernmost point of the Margaret River is Cape Rwen. It is located at the confluence of the Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean. Countless lighthouse keeper has worked hard to keep the light of the tower.


Now you can step on the same ladder with your friends and family to enjoy the beautiful scenery. And how the region has developed from Australia’s most bleak and remote areas to become the most popular tourist destination. The Margaret River is a holy place that we must not miss. It has a fascinating sensory feast. What you see here and what you taste and feel is the most wonderful memory of your life.



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