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Go To Japan Ginzan Onsen To Experience The Winter Ice And Fire Double Day Fun

Japan is a country with more earthquakes and volcanoes. Nearly one-tenth of the world’s volcanoes are located here, and in Japan, where volcanic activity is more frequent, groundwater temperatures rise to form various hot springs, large and small, all over the island nation. There are so many hot springs here, some can be soaked, but some can only be seen. Today small make up to introduce a hot spring attractions, not only can enjoy the beautiful soup, but also can enjoy the scenery!


About 500 years ago, a silver mine was discovered in weihuaze city, yamagata county. When the silver mine was dug, the milky white and warm spring water mixed with tiny waves flowed from the inside out, forming the hot spring. Therefore, the name of Ginzan Onsen came from this.


Ginzan Onsen is very famous in Japan. In addition to the soup spring, which has health effects, it also has its distinctive architecture. The hot spring street here is very similar to the hot spring street in miyazaki hayao’s animation films, with red Bridges and wooden buildings.


Hot spring street is the most beautiful place in winter. It is said to be one of the most beautiful night scenes in Japan. Hot spring street antique buildings, mountains, Bridges water, covered by the winter snow, especially charming.


It is said that the hot spring here has a very good curative effect on neuralgia, rheumatism, skin disease and gynecology. Ginzan Onsen is waiting for you to experience its charm in winter!

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