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Go to Dali, Yunnan – You Are Far Away And Hometown

If you use a color to describe Dali, it must be blue.


Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture is located in the west of central Yunnan Province. It is located in the low latitude plateau. The temperature difference between the four seasons is small, the dry and wet seasons are distinct, and the low latitude plateau monsoon climate is dominant. The butterfly spring, Cangshan, Bohai, Dali ancient city and Chongsheng Temple are the main sites. Attractions such as the Three Towers are the most representative.


Erhai is one of the most famous attractions.Bohai, ancient times called Kunming Pool, Weihe River, Ye Yuze and so on. Because it looks like a human ear, it is named Bohai. The sea is deep and clear, like an innocent jade, and the beauty is incomparable. The Bohai Sea is a famous plateau lake in China. It has been in the history of the Han Dynasty.The famous moon in the sea, also lies in the white and innocent Cangshan snow reflected in the Bohai Sea, and the Qinghai Moon of the ice Qing Yu Jie shines together to form a grand spectacle of silver and jade.


The site of Taihe City, the capital of Nanxun, is located in Taihe Village, Xiaguan Town, Dali City. It is located at the peak of Cangshan Mountain between Xiaguan and Dali. It is 6 kilometers south of Xiaguan and 7 kilometers away from Dali Ancient City in the north. This is the throat of the Dali dam in the distance between the Cangshan Mountain and the Bohai Sea. It is the only way to enter the Dali Ancient City from Longweiguan.

Cangshan is also known as Cangshan. The Cangshan Mountain Range consists of the 19th peak from the north to the south. The highest point is 4122 meters (Malongfeng), the lowest point is 1360 meters (the junction of the Lancang River and the Xiqiao River), and there are seven peaks above 4000 meters. The two peaks of Cangshanpo are sandwiched by a stream, forming a comb-like landform of the nineteen-peak and eighteen streams.


Dali Prefecture is located in the low latitude plateau. Under the combined influence of low-latitude and high-altitude geographical conditions, the characteristics of low-latitude plateau monsoon climate are formed: the temperature difference between the four seasons is small. Closer to the Tropic of Cancer, the solar radiation angle is larger and the variation range is small, forming a climate characteristic with small annual temperature difference and no obvious seasons.The dry season from November to April is more suitable for travel.

In addition, when traveling to Dali, don’t forget to bring your sunscreen and hydrating mask!


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