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Giethoorn——A Beautiful Village In Holland


Many people go to windmill village when they travel to Holland, because windmill is the symbol of Holland, it is a very beautiful village. But Giethoorn, not far from the windbreaker village, is also a very beautiful place. Giethoorn is located in the northwest of the Netherlands, is a nature reserve.It is known as the “green Venice”.


Giethoorn is like a fairytale idyllic scenery, the channel is intricate, the channel shuttle, very Dutch characteristics, and very quiet. There are many art shops and museums, which combine natural resources with cultural atmosphere. , so it is a combination of styles. When you go there, you will find the houses in the village are colorful, there are very beautiful flowers in front of every house, and there is a large green lawn, which is very well dressed, it really looks like a paradise.


The best way to visit Giethoorn can be by boat or on foot. To get there, you can see a lot of small pleasure boats, as well as large pleasure boats that can take a lot of people and drive faster, while small pleasure boats can row slowly by themselves. You can take a big boat first and then walk through it yourself. There, there is a main road, and then connecting the main road with the houses across the river is a bridge, the bridge is planted with all kinds of flowers, after crossing the bridge is the local homes. Moren channel, on the east side of Giethoorn, is a small lake formed in 1825 to dredge water during the rainy season. In winter, townspeople skate on frozen lakes and rivers.


There are also many art galleries and museums here, including the farm museum, which shows the original Dutch farm life. In the gallery, you can also see shell art. This small place is full of wisdom. There are not many restaurants to eat there, because it is mainly a village where the local residents live, and it is mainly seafood, but it is very delicious, especially the Fried fish there is very delicious.


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