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Fisherman’s Fort Budapest, Hungary

Also located on castle hill in buda, next to the magash church, the fisherman’s castle is a neo-gothic and neo-romanesque observation deck that is one of the most outstanding architectural complexes in Hungary.


Built on what was left of the medieval walls, the fisherman’s castle, though unsophisticated in appearance, was actually built in 1895-1902 by Frigyes Schulek. In modern times it was almost destroyed during the second world war. After world war ii, between 1947 and 1948, yanos schulke, the son of fridges schuleck, was responsible for the restoration of fisherman’s fort. Named after the fishermen’s guild, fisherman’s castle was originally a fish market before the fishermen built castles to protect their interests.


Fisherman’s castle is a two-story gray structure with a conical spire and seven round towers symbolizing the settlement of the seven mazar tribes in the carpathian basin in 896. The towers of the fisherman’s castle are connected by quaint cloisters, whose walls are 140 meters long parallel to the Danube river. The tower and observation deck are the perfect place to get a bird ‘s-eye view of the Capitol and the city of Perth, with the ships plying the Danube and the Margaret island and Gellert Hill in the distance.


Fisherman’s castle during the day is a tourist gathering place, bustling tourists in small groups; Evening is a good place for young people in Budapest, where many couples hug and stand together. It is said to be the city of Budapest’s first kiss.

Since fisherman’s castle is almost a must-see for tourists, it is recommended to clock in first thing in the morning. There is no need to compete with tourists who crowd the ramparts, so you can have time to take some ideal photos with few tourist backgrounds. Tickets for the observation deck on the second floor go on sale at 9 a.m., when there are more group visitors. After that, we’ll go to the magash church a few steps away.

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