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Europe’s Most Beautiful 7 Lakes

1. Lake Lucerne, Switzerland
Lake Lucerne is located in central Switzerland, between the four forest states, four states, four states, Uri, Schwyz, Unterwalden and Lucerne, which intersect at Lake Lucerne. It is no exaggeration to say that the whole of Switzerland is built around Lake Lucerne.

Surrounded by the Alps, this beautiful lake is a lake made up of snow-capped mountains, so the lake is particularly clear. Because there are many mountains on the shore of the lake, such as Mount Pilatus, Stanserhorn, and St. Regis, there are snow-capped mountains all year round. The lakes and mountains form a typical Swiss landscape, which is beautiful.


2. Hallstätter See, Austria
Compared with the surrounding Lake Lucerne, Lake Hallstatt is a bit more famous because of its location in the mountains. Everyone who has been to Hallstatt has an illusion of entering the fairy tale world.

Every June, the town of Hallstatt will also hold a procession of the Eucharist, who will raft on Lake Hallstatt and hold a mass on the lake. There is an altar on the salt boat decorated with flowers, as well as bishops, acolytes and choirs. The church is adorned with flags of the church, and people dressed in various traditional costumes are sacred and solemn.

3.Lake Lac d’Annecy, France
Lake Annecy in France is one of the clearest lakes in the Alps and is known as the “Alpine South Window Sill”. Blue sky and white clouds, light sunshine, wild duck swan… Everything is intoxicating.

The small town of Annecy on the shore of the lake is very charming. The famous thinker Rousseau called the time spent here the most beautiful time of his life. When the flowers bloom, the Annecy Green Water Circle, surrounded by flowers, colorful leafhoppers, and snowy mountains and grasses, always make people forget about three thousand troubles.


4.Lake Lago di Como, Italy
Lake Como is the third largest lake in Italy and one of the deepest lakes in Europe. Lake Como, in the shape of a “human”, is surrounded by the mountains of the Alps. On the long shore of the lake, there are scattered towns of all sizes.

The climate around Lake Como is warm and the vegetation is lush. There are four seasons in the mountains, plus the rare lakes and mountains. It has become a famous holiday destination in Europe and a lot of large-scale scenic spots, such as movies such as “Star Wars” and “007”. Have been framing here. Lake Como also has the reputation of “the back garden of Milan”.


5.King Königssee, Germany
Kings Lake is one of Germany’s most famous sights. It is the creation of glaciers, attracting the attention of tourists from all over the world, and has once deeply fascinated Hitler.The scenery of Kings Lake is very charming. When the weather is fine, the ferry sails on the lake. The blue water ripples like a jelly. Even in winter, the lake is still crystal clear and bright.

6.Lake Bled, Slovenia
Lake Bled is Slovenia’s most famous holiday destination, and the only island in the country, Bled, is on the shores of Lake Bled and is considered one of the 30 most beautiful towns in the world.Lake Bled is a pocket lake, small enough to see the reflection of the lake island and the mountains from any angle. The snow-capped mountains from the south of the Alps are filled with water easily, and it is also called “ Ice Lake.”


7.Plitvice Lakes, Croatia
If you want to see the Plitvice Lakes in a day, go to the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia. In the park, a total of 16 lakes are connected by waterfalls from high to low. The locals praised this series of crystal clear lakes as “the pearl necklace of the Balkans”.The sixteen lakes are divided into Shanghu District and Xiahu District. The lakes of the 12 lakes in Shanghu District are white dolomites. The bottoms of the six lakes in the Lower Lake District are limestone. Therefore, the lakes in the Shanghu District are brighter in color.

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