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Essential Items And Precautions For Island Tourism

People like to travel, people like island travel. But travel to islands should be cautious. Now let’s share the necessary items and precautions for island tourism.


Clothes: when you go to the beach in spring, try to bring dry clothes, because it is hard to avoid wet clothes, and the sea air is humid. Even if you go to an island in summer, you need to have long-sleeved clothes, because the sea climate is changeable. Sleep at night to keep warm, so as not to catch cold. In order to play in the sea, swimming equipment is also indispensable (swimsuits, trunks, caps, goggles, bath towels, and beach pants).

Shoes: for hiking or traveling, sandals must be waterproof or flat, and a pair of convenient and comfortable slippers.

Prevent bask in article: the weather is fine, the sun of seaside but very fierce, do good prevent bask in the job. Bring sunscreen, sunscreen oil, sunglasses, sunbonnet, etc. In addition, remember to bring plenty of drinking water to the island.

Drugs: in case of seafood will have uncomfortable symptoms, so to take anti-laxatives, anti-allergy drugs, and motion sickness (ship) drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs. In addition, the island more mosquitoes, need to carry anti – mosquito sting water, wind oil essence.


In addition, seasick before the ship do not eat too full, do not eat too greasy food, but first take seasick medicine. Seasick person does not want to move frequently after getting on board, when producing dizzy, can lie down as far as possible, apply rheumatism and pain-killer in place of wrist and navel.

In seaside travel, swim certainly cannot little, but do not enter the water alone, had better two or three people together is good. Take care of your belongings when you go swimming. Valuables should not be put into the locker, should be left or sent to guard, to ensure the safety of the property. Take care of your children and don’t leave them alone. Tourists who take part in the activities of high-speed motorboats, seaplanes and high-speed cruises should follow the arrangement of professional staff, wear good life jackets and take all safety measures to avoid carelessness.


Tips and common sense for beach swimming:
1. In the seaside swimming should pay attention to the tide time, the tide will ebb, please try not to swim in the ebb, so as not to swim back when the tide too much physical consumption accident;
Don’t swim in the non-swimming area. The water conditions in the non-swimming area are complicated, and there are often reefs, weeds, silt and whirlpools. Therefore, before launching must do a good job in the local investigation and research, do know, as far as possible away from the weeds, reefs, cyclones and silt.
3. Do not drink alcohol before swimming, because large consumption of stored glucose in the body will cause hypoglycemia. In addition, alcohol inhibits the normal physiological function of the liver, hinders glucose conversion and storage in the body, and thus causes accidents. Alcohol also affects the brain’s ability to judge, increasing the chance of swimming accidents.

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