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Eight Wonders Of Germany

1.Exploration of the ice cave in watzman mountain

At the foot of Watzmann, a mountain south of berchtesgaden that is part of the Bavarian Alps, lies a small glacier with spectacular ice caves. The ice cave is 6 meters high and 30 meters deep, and it doesn’t melt and deform even in the hottest days of summer.


2.The medieval city of monshaw

Located in the county of Aachen in the western state of northew, monschau is tucked away in the Eifel national nature park on the border between Germany and Belgium. Because of its geographical location, it escaped the allied bombing in world war ii, preserving its classical beauty.

Although the city is not big, the scenery is very beautiful. In addition to the castle with a panoramic view of the city, there is also the famous mustard mill, which inherits the ancient way of making mustard by hand.

3.The longest suspension bridge in Germany

The 458-metre suspension bridge has been completed in the central German town of Oberharz am Brocken. The bridge will surpass the 439m-long sky park bridge in sochi, Russia, and become the world’s first pedestrian suspension bridge.


4.The castle of hohenzollern

Hohenzollen castle is one of the two most famous castles in southern Germany, along with neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria.
Outside of Germany, the castle of hohenzollern ranks among the top five in Europe and top ten in the world. The castle displays the relics of Frederick the great, the treasures and crowns of the king of Prussia, etc. Through these exhibitions, you can feel the martial tradition of the hohenzollern dynasty of Prussia.

5. Paternach gorge

The gorge is 702 meters long and 80 meters deep near garmisch-partenkirchen in Bavaria, Germany. It was carved out of the rocks by the patnahe river. It was established as a natural monument in 1912.
It is very suitable for those who like natural scenery. There are not many tourists. Most of them are hikers.


6.Harts hill steam train

Little train from hartz mountain museveni rod (Wernigerode) town, from 16 to 18 century legacy of colorful wooden buildings open steam train journey.
The journey from winegold to Harz’s Brocken peak, which takes about 90 minutes by steam train, is a fairy-tale journey through the primrose mountains in a small, slow-moving train, listening to its whistle.

7.Sachsische Schweiz
Sachsische Schweiz is located in eastern Germany, southeast of Dresden. As early as the 18th century, Swiss painters came to paint here, hence the name little Switzerland Saxony. After years of weathering and erosion, the beautiful Bastei stone forest is formed today. It is a famous tourist and rock climbing resort in Germany.



Moselschleife is located in the Moselschleife valley between Koblenz and Trier, Germany. Moselschleife is famous for growing grapes all over the world.

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