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Egyptian Pyramid – Explore The World’s Magical Monuments

There is a proverb in Egypt “People are afraid of time, time is afraid of the pyramid.”
How many unsolved fans have been in the mysterious pyramid, why did the Egyptians build pyramids? How is the pyramid built? How did the machinery carry thousands of tons of boulders before the millennium? Is the pharaoh’s curse true? Where did the nose of the Sphinx go? How do Egyptians use the stars and the moon to master superb astronomy?


The self-weight of the pyramid *1015 is exactly the weight of the earth. The height of the pyramid tower is multiplied by one billion, which is exactly the distance to the sun. The pyramid is just south and north, how to measure the four sides and level of the base of the Hufu pyramid?The secret is water. Simply put, a waterway is built between the pyramid and the nearest river, and the water is transported by the buoyancy of the water.

The route of the pyramid tour is relatively fixed.Entering the scenic spot, on the right hand side, the first one to see is the Sphinx.The prototype of the Sphinx is whether Hufu or Hufu’s son is a mystery. The purpose is to deify Pharaoh and let people fear Pharaoh’s fear of the king.The body of the Sphinx has been buried in the sand for thousands of years and was not actually dug until the late 1930s. After thousands of years of weathering, the sphinx’s nose also disappeared. Others said that it was destroyed by Napoleon. There are many sayings. In short, why the nose is not a big mystery. There is also a well-preserved Sphinx statue at the exit of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Imagine what the Sphinx used to look like.


Go further, this is the largest pyramid in Egypt, the Pyramid of Khufu.The interior of the Khufu Pyramid can be accessed, no camera allowed.

There is only one Hufu sun boat in the Sun Boat Museum. This is the oldest ship in the world, and it is kept in this constant temperature and humidity museum.


The closest to the Pyramid of Khufu is the Khafre Pyramid, which is more suitable for taking photos with Khufu. Although there is actually no Khufu pyramid, the terrain is high and looks more majestic. There are bright white rocks at the spire. The sun is still shining, this is the first layer of white limestone built on the surface of the gold tower.

The pyramids are large and small, which also reflects the power of Pharaoh. The pyramid is of great significance to the Egyptians, so the pyramid is not allowed to climb. This is the practice of not respecting Pharaoh and will be cursed by Pharaoh.Another important reason is to protect this historic building so that it can be preserved forever, so the prohibition of climbing is the greatest protection for it.




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