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Don’t Miss These Beautiful European Towns

1. Austria Hallstatt

This is a town like a fairy tale. The elegant wooden house and its characteristic salt mine are particularly famous. It was also listed as a World Heritage Site in 1977.The red house built by the mountain reflects the green mountains in the distance. The middle of the clear water flows slowly. There is no beautiful scenery here. It is a beautiful place.


2. Germany Rothenburg

Located on the plateau of the Franconia region in northwest Bavaria, Germany, Rothenburg is the most romantic town in the heart of the Tauber River. It is known as the “treasure of the Middle Ages”.In the small town, the stone alleys, the houses are simple, the walls and towers are guarded, and the charming gardens and the waters of the Tauber River are beautiful and artistic, which makes people feel that time is reversed.

3.France Colmar

The quiet waters of the lake, the scattered flowers, the oil painting-like house, people can not help but wonder if it is into the comics.This is a small town that slows down the pace of flowers. You can’t help but stop and smell. The smartly designed house allows you to stop and watch.


4.Norway Reina

This is a “postcard” or “idyllic” place, the red fisherman’s hut is next to the Norwegian Sea, and the mountains are staggered in the distance. According to the outline of the coastline, a red house is scattered, quiet and beautiful, where you can let go of all the troubles.


5.Greece Santorini

This is a beautiful and unreal place. It contains all the romance, surprise, splendor, color. Come here, you will not want to leave. The row of white huts, lined with natural blue canvas, the sea surface reflects the blue sky, and the colorful fishing boat depicts a picture on the sea. It seems that beauty has become a dream.

6.Italy Cinque

TerreThe Cinque Terre is a beautiful town facing the sea, where you can really feel the rhythm of life can be so slow and cheerful.Looking far away, the Cinque Terre looks like the hometown of the elves in the movie, Ravendale: the sea, the fishing boats, the colored houses, the vines that climb the hillsides, all shrouded in the glory of dreams.

7.United Kingdom BiburyBibury is the world’s first Smurf town. All the houses here are covered in blue clothes, leaving only the red roof, but it is more lovely. Built in the hills of Bibury, the houses are staggered and not chaotic, and the green plants around them give the fresh air here, strolling through them, as if walking into the “Smurfs” movie scene.


8.France Annecy

The town of Annecy is backed by the Alps, with headrests on Lake Annecy, surrounded by green waters and surrounded by flowers. There is no Paris noisy, just peace and beauty. The green lake reflects the colorful houses, wonderful and romantic, walking trails, you can listen to the story here and taste the delicious food here.

9.Italy Burano

If you come to Italy, this small town called Burano is definitely not to be missed. The colorful houses are like fairy tales.The colorful houses make up the rainbow alleys, curved with the clear river curved, and the brightly colored boats quietly parked by the river, everything becomes more dreamy.

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