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Don’t Miss Chiang Mai’s Blue Temple And Chiang Rai’s Blue Temple When You Go To Thailand

Speaking of the blue temple, many people will say that it is in Chiang rai, Thailand. But what most people don’t know is that there is also a blue temple in Chiang mai, a popular city in Thailand.

1. Chiang mai blue temple Wat Ban Den, located in the suburb of Mae Daeng about 40km north of Chiang mai, is a century-old temple with a large scale.


Perhaps because of the distance, there are fewer visitors than other famous temples in Chiang mai. The blue temple here is more than 100 years old. It was built in 1894 and is a very storied temple. The blue temple was largely unknown until 1991, when taibei’s venerable monk, Cuban zhaoteng, passed through and settled there, and worshippers came to worship and donate money. As donations piled up, cuban-zhaoteng decided to use the money to build the temple. This made the blue temple one of the largest temples in Chiang mai today.

The reason why it is called the blue temple is that the architecture of the temple combines Lana and myanmar styles. One of the most distinctive features is the roof with a kind of intoxicating blue as the keynote, in addition to the dazzling blue, blue temple complex is also everywhere green, pink and other colorful sculptures. Look closely at the intricate wood carvings of the buildings, decorated with glittering gold leaf, and you cannot help marveling at the exquisite workmanship of the artisans in creating such an exquisite work of art.


Wat Rong Suea Ten is a real blue temple in Chiang mai. Although smaller than Chiang mai blue temple, but more delicate, blue more pure, sacred and a little bit of magic.
Qing lai’s blue temple area is very small, is newly built, fast word 10 minutes or so can stroll over. But the beauty you can experience in these 10 minutes is no less than other temples you can see in Thailand.

2.Chiang rai blue temple was designed and built by Phuttha Karbkaew, an apprentice of the white temple’s owner, xu longcai. Blue saturation is very tall, not only blue however, still have the ornament of purple, gules and set off, having the glittering gold foil adornment like blue temple of Chiang mai, appear administrative levels more richer.


Chiang mai blue temple and Chiang rai blue temple, they are different styles, each has its own characteristics, are worth visiting.


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