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Do You Know The Top Ten Scenic Spots Of West Lake?

1, broken bridge residual snow


Broken bridge this scenic spot, presumably have been to the west lake should not miss, because it is too famous, there are many shops around, and there are many tourists, noisy, even if do not know where the broken bridge, can listen to the sound to find.

Broken bridge is the only way to the mountain, because the broken bridge can not go to the mountain, so called broken bridge. Broken bridge is the place where lady white snake and xu xian dated, so it is a romantic place for lovers. The best time to break a bridge is when it snows.

2. Su di chunxiao


Su di two words apart, su refers to su dongpo, he was a great poet in the northern song dynasty, once served as a governor of hangzhou. In order to clear the lake road and solve the problem of blocking the west lake, su dongpo ordered people to pile up the excavated soil into a dike, about 3 kilometers long. Then a large number of weeping willows and peach trees were planted on both sides of the causeway. Thus, whenever spring comes, peach blossom in full bloom, hanging willow wind fluttering, spring central.

3. Sunset over lei feng


If you have seen the TV series “the white snake” or heard this folk story, you are no stranger to leifeng pagoda. It is said that xu xian and lady white tied the knot, which angered fa hai. When the sun goes down, standing on the west lake looking at the leifeng pagoda, full of poetry and painting.

4.Three pools mirroring the moon


Santang yinyue is one of the ten scenic spots of the west lake. Its biggest feature is “there are islands in the lake and lakes in the island”. It is the most beautiful scenery worth seeing in the west lake at night. If you are lucky and have the moon and stars, you can see the yearning “three pools mirroring the moon”.

5.Nanping evening bell


On the south bank of the west lake, there is a mountain hundreds of meters high, there is a temple on the mountain, called “jingci temple”, every evening, the monks of the jingci temple sounded the bell, the bell distributed to the nearby cave in the rock wall, formed an echo, distant qingyang, lingering, memorable.

6., huagang view fish


As its name suggests, huagang is a water port with an area of about 300 mu. A large number of flowers are planted in the water port, which is mainly divided into five areas, including peony garden, big lawn, flower port, red fish pond and dense forest. Red fish pond has a large number of goldfish dense, very spectacular, red goldfish swim to swim, as if thousands of troops transit.

7, cloud habitat bamboo path


The direct point is the bamboo forest in wuyun mountain, which is particularly beautiful and artistic. Qianlong came to the south of the Yangtze river six times to see the bamboo, which shows his great charm to the bamboo forest here. In order to make it easier for qianlong to play, officials built a “royal pavilion” for qianlong to recite poems.

8, jiuxi smoke tree


The nine streams smoke tree originally called “nine streams eighteen streams”, because the west lake ten scenery are four words, so became one of the west lake new ten scenery changed the name. This mountain has a large number of red maple, waterfalls, streams, tea trees, green mountains and green water, very suitable for relaxation, especially that clear streams, gurgling streams, green trees on both sides, pleasant scenery.

9, tiger run dream spring


It is said that there was once a famous monk named “sexual emptiness” in the huran temple under the white crane peak in dazi mountain. Seeing the beautiful scenery here, he planned to build a temple here and study Buddhism. Unfortunately, there was no water source here.

After he fell asleep, the fairy in his dream told him that “there is a tong zi quan in nanyue. As soon as he woke up the next day, two tigers came to send water, “digging for water” with their feet on the ground.

10.Wind lotus in quyuan


Qu yuan is a wine making workshop in the southern song dynasty. Due to the numerous lotus flowers in qu yuan, when summer comes, the lotus blossoms are in full bloom, and the fragrance and aroma of wine are integrated into one. Nowadays, it is mainly summer to enjoy lotus flowers.

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