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Daocheng Yading – A Charming Little Town

Daocheng Yading is a very good place to visit, especially in the fall time, to enjoy the most attractive scenery.

Especially under the blue sky and white clouds, the scenery of the meadow is very moving, the trees are all golden yellow, and the snow can be seen at the top position. The spring water flows slowly, which is completely beyond my imagination.


Daocheng Yading is a very famous attraction. It contains a lot of attractions and needs to buy tickets to enter.

Chonggu Temple, this temple has a very solemn atmosphere, you can hear the sound of chanting when you play here, you can calm the mind in an instant, you can see the scenery of the meadow in the surrounding, the scenery is also very beautiful . In addition, the Luorong cattle farm is also quite good. The back of the mountain is Sanshen Mountain. It can also be called the best place to appreciate the scholars. It can also be seen that many herders are grazing, which is quite pleasant and comfortable. Sanhaizi should also go and see, these three are hidden in the snow-capped mountains, in the plateau, the water quality is very clear, the picture is even more Meng. Especially the milk sea, surrounded by milky white, especially magical, and choose to go to the Pearl Sea, here is the best place to see Xiannai, in addition to the beautiful sea in the five-color sea, there is a sun shining The colors are all different.


If you want to go to Daocheng Aden to play, it is best to spend a few more days, the local accommodation is still very good, it is recommended to go to Aden Village, if there is a high anti-reverse here or do not intend to go to the five-color sea play, may wish to choose It is relatively convenient to live in Ziwa. If you want to go to Xiaoshan, you should almost stay in Aden Village. The local accommodation in Daocheng is actually very perfect. Every year, there are many tourists. Whether it is a hotel or a youth hostel, you can choose it according to your preferences. Especially when it is in the peak season, there is a price increase. In the case, it is best to book in advance.

Many local devout Tibetans choose to go hiking. In fact, this is the best way to feel the scenery of Daocheng, and you will have the feeling of being integrated with it. However, as a person who does not often live on the plateau, climb this high-altitude place. If the whole walk is very tired, it is quite exhausting and it is easy to produce altitude sickness. Aden’s unique ecological environment and beautiful natural scenery are very famous. Three snow-capped mountains rise up into the sky, and there is a pure in the spectacle. The dense forests and pure lake landscapes are combined. There are many animal and plant resources.


Xian Nai is the northern peak of three snow-capped mountains. This means “Cinema Bodhisattva” in Tibetan language and has a wonderful myth. If you want to see the most beautiful gesture of Xiannai, you have to go to the Pearl Sea at the foot of the mountain. The beautiful Xiannai mountain peaks are reflected in the crystal clear lake. It is shocking.

The Yangmai Yongshen Mountain is the embodiment of wisdom in Buddhism, and the landscape here is also very rare and wonderful. Standing at the foot of Yangmaiyong Mountain, you will see the snow-covered peaks standing between the heavens and the earth. The landscapes of various alpine streams and grasses form a beautiful picture, like a fairyland, which makes people forget to return.


If you have time, go to Daocheng Yading in Chengdu, Sichuan.

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