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Cotswolds – The Most Beautiful Country In The UK

The Cotswolds are located to the south of Shakespeare’s hometown, and the rolling countryside blends with the Cotswolds.This place is only the name of the area, so there is no real boundary range. This place has a history of architecture, a traditional style, and a strong British town.


There are many places of interest to visit in the local area.Such asĀ “Gloucester Cathedral”.Harry Potter fans must not miss it.

The most beautiful towns make up the most beautiful countryside.


Cirencester is the capital of Cotswold, a patina-style building, a unique craft shop in the old streets, a unique clothing store and a cafe full of lazy atmosphere. The perfect blend of all kinds of atmosphere is to understand the culture of the Cotswold region.


The town of Malmesbury is situated on the top of a small hill surrounded by the River Avon. The most famous town in the town is the Abbey Garden with 2,200 roses and the Malmesbury Abbey. This rose garden, with its number and variety, is not to be missed. Strolling through the town, the unique English ethnic style and rich fragrance of roses, as well as the millennium history and humanity, are all intoxicating.


The town of Bibury in Cotswold, south of Birmingham, is known as the most beautiful town and can be used as a representative of English country towns. Whenever the spring is over, everything recovers and flowers bloom. The spring and summer are even more beautiful. The waters of the streams, the bright flowers, the bees flying butterflies, the cottages, all beautiful and natural.


Bourton-on-the-Water is a star town in Cotswold, known as Little Venice, and you can imagine how beautiful it is! The clear and cold river flows slowly through the town, and the trees are shaded on both sides of the river. Look for a small stool next to the river and take a warm afternoon sun.

In addition, there are many beautiful sights waiting for you to discover.

Special family hotel, you can taste the English breakfast, the farmer’s lunch and the hot English afternoon tea. The raw materials of the food are all produced or supported by nearby farms, keeping the traditional British cooking style fresh and authentic. In the cosy country pub, you can drink malt and roast apple pie while roasting the fire.Go on a trip!

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